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Is a 51 on the asvab good?
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Is a 51 on the asvab good?

i have no idea bout the asvab i just took it today and got a 51 on it so whats up


jon r
A 51 is completely average, for the army it just qualifies you for enlistment bonuses. most people score from a 50-70 on average, you will have a good number of job open to you if you were to enlist in the army, a fair amount with th marines and i would think a ok amount with the air force and navy depending on your baseline scores. When i took my ASVAB i just barely got in the army with a 31 and got the MOS i wanted (11x infantry) you will not be qualified for high up jobs like aviation unless you had some really good baseline scores but you have a completely average and respectable score.

MP US Army
It doesn't matter as long as the score gets you the jobs you want.

you can always retake it.

Ghost of Tom Joad
It is passing. It isn't that good a score, but it will get you in the military.

Considering a High school graduate only has to score a 25 with a waiver to get in the military, and on average they do, I'd say it's an ok score

51 is an average. what the overall on the asvab means is, you did better than 51% of the people who took the asvab (( i think ))..it may not qualify you for the job you want but its an average score.

Heather H
When I took the ASVAB I was worried about scoring well enough on my line scores to get into one of the Medical fields. My recruiter said that if I scored above 50 I should be ok.

So although it may not be the best score in the world, you still should have a decent amount of jobs to choose from. If you didn't score well enough for the job that you want to get, retake the ASVAB (however if you retake it that will be your new score even if you score lower than last time).


Veterans Do It Better

However, once your in the service it's your GT score that really matters. If you have anything less than a 110 then that's also no good

Ed J
not very good.

Mrs G
It isn't great but it does qualify you to be enlisted in any of the branches.

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