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Is it a law that when you turn 18 as a male you have to register to the armed forces? How do you do it?
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Is it a law that when you turn 18 as a male you have to register to the armed forces? How do you do it?


Joey M
You don't register for the armed forces, you do register for Selective Service. It is a law and you can be imprisoned for not complying. You can easily go to the nearest Post Office and fill out the form and give it to the postal worker. It takes less than 5 minutes.

Register online at http://www.sss.gov/

you have to register with the Selective Service which is the agency responsible for the draft; however at present there is no draft!

yes, when you get your drivers license or when you register to vote its automatic. or you can go to post office to get info to register.

Go to a post office and fill out the form. Then hand it to the postal officer. Easy!

Yes, you do. If not, you are subject to fines and such and should you apply to a college, you will not be granted admission without proving you have signed up. I think the forms are at the post office.

It's called the Selective service. If they don't mail a card to you can pick up one at any Us Post Office. Required for all US males between 18-26. Does not make you part of the armed forces.

lorenzo and lily's mommy
well I can tell you that I have a brother and nephew and lots of males in my family who never registered and they are not being imprisoned or fined for it. If the government got to the point that they wanted to make all males go to war there are some that do not have to go,, only son's , and I think oldest sons, those with medical excuses which range from asthma to being flat footed. unless you are totally healthy the government can not make you go to war. now this web site says you have to but like i said I have never heard of anyone in my family doing this

yes it is and you can register on line you wont go to jail but if you don't register with the selective services it will affect you if you want a gov job or need a passport or anything like that

deanna b
It is the law and you have a while to go to your post office to do it....It was a leftover from the viet nam war...and is for males only...

Yes it is a law. When you go to college it one of the question on your fafsa so its definitely required. You probably should check the court dept. or where you go to register to vote.

You should get a letter in the mail asking you to register. If you haven't received one, go to your most local recruiting office, and register. Watch out though, they might try and recruit you! LOL, don't worry, I'm kidding about that!

Yes it is a law to register for the 'selective service'. By now I'm sure you can do it on-line but another place is your local post office.

Yes it is true. Go to any USA post office, and they will give you the paper work. You are not enlisting you are telling them where you are if they need you

William S
You do not register to the armed forces, you register to the selective service system, which is a civilian set up board in your area that IF there is ever a return to the draft system for raising a defensive army they will know where to find you and where to send you notice. The post office has the forms for you to complete and send back to a National Registry place. It is simple and yes, it is the law, so do it.

yeah, if you dont register you get fined. you can go to the post office and register there

Yes, its the law, when you turn 18 the goverment will send you a paper that you have to fill out and send back, it doesnt necessarly mean that you have to go to one of the military branches its just so that if there was ever another world war you would be part of the draft and you cant oppose.

registering for Selective Service. is voluntary i did not register for Selective Service and it deed not effete my career.it only effects your Chane's at getting certain Grant for college...thats all..

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