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Just turned 18, do I really need to sign up for the draft?
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Just turned 18, do I really need to sign up for the draft?

On September 8th, I turned 18. Now, I've got conflicting information. My college suitemate told me that if I don't sign up within a month, I could be jailed. My Dad, on the other hand, said he never signed up for the draft and never got into trouble for it, and other people he knew never signed up for the draft.

I'm a middle-class male college student living in New York state, if that matters.
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P.S. by "sign up for the draft" I meant "sign up for the selective service which is registration for if a draft ever gets reinstated". I know there's no "draft" right now. Sorry for the confusion. Thankfully, most people got that anyway.


Yahoo Answer Angel
By law, you need to register.

As far as consequences for failing, I believe it could impact you at any time you try to receive a federal benefit. I don't know about jail, however.

Edit...from the selective service site:
What is the penalty for not registering?
If you do not register, you could be prosecuted and fined up to $250,000 and/or be put in jail for up to five years. Registration is also a requirement to qualify for Federal student aid, job training benefits, and most Federal employment.

Glen B
There is no draft. You do need to sign up with the Selective Service. The suitemate may have had them confused.

The information is not conflicting. Officially, you are required to sign up and they could prosecute you if you do not. Unofficially, not everyone who violates this law gets prosecuted.

It is somewhat like the speed limit. If you drive 1 mph faster than the sign says, you can get a ticket, in theory, but many persons drive 2-9 mph faster than the sign says and do not get tickets.

it is the law, you must sign up for selective service,.....other wise you may not qualify for some student loans,.....you can sign up at the post office, or on line,.....

There is no draft to sign up for, but you do have to register for the Selective Service, which is just a piece of paper saying you are registered is all. You can get this paperwork at any local Post Office, fill it out and mail it in. It's nothing to worry about at all, you cannot be drafted into the Military because of it. It's a civic duty, as a citizen of the United States, kind of like filling out the questionnaires for jury duty, but with the Selective Service, you won't have to serve any time like you may have to do for jury duty. I don't really know if there is punishment for not registering but why take the chance, it's just a form, nothing to worry about.

Patriotic Libertarian
You are probably not going to 'get in trouble' for it but registration with the Selective Service is used for other things besides a possible draft so it MAY cause you some problems including with employment and paying taxes. It is the 'law' that you register in any case if you are male and over the age of 18.

If you don't want to register - don't. But there may be consequences. It would probably be better to register and put down that you are a conscientious objector if that is what is preventing you from registering.

In the event of a draft, not having signed-up with the Selective Service isn't going to protect you.

Yes you do. I missed the cut off age but signed up anyway.

Captain Troll
I had to show proof that I signed up for the draft yesterday, because it is one of the things needed to apply for government job training.

Yes you do, especially if you are receiving any federally funded student aid. There is no draft, it's just a weird on the books law.

ken s

Young man, there has been no draft since President Gerald Ford repealed it in 1975. You just have to sign up with the Selective Service.

Is New York really that blue????

1st Buzie
Yes it's the law however there is no draft so you have nothing to worry about. Unless of course the Democrats win the White house. They are in favor of the draft.

Y E S, It is a Federal Law that when a American Male reaches 18 years of age, he is to register
with the Selective Service System!!!!

You need to go online a sign up with the Selected Reserve.

In some states you can't vote if you don't register. Don't worry, if you don't register and a draft happens, uncle SAM will find you.

Brad V
Your dad's giving you bad advice ! Perhaps in his day you could get away with not signing with Selective Service. Today, with computerization the chances are greater that you will be discovered.

Since you have already declared that you are aware of this national procedure, it could go hard on you for failing to follow the law !

Yes, you do.

You wont go to jail, but those college loans will dry up and all kinds of other bad things can happen.

Fill out the form and forget about it. Its the law.

My 18th birthday isn't until September 20, but I've already gotten a letter in the mail last week saying that I am already registered with the selective service program. What I'm saying is that I am not sure whether or not it is illegal at some point in time to "not" register. But judging by how early they were to register me without my knowing, you should receive a letter in the mail soon enough.

Yes, you are required to register for the draft.

A draft?

Who ever told you this information is SEVERLY misinformed.

No draft. Signing up for the military is completely your choice.

You do need to sign up with the Selective Service. But you can do that just by going to the DMV and doing it their or just getting a mail in form. The draft won't happen, don't worry.

Tin Can Sailor
Don't listen to you dad. He's probably at an age that the registration was not required. Not really sure of when that was but I believe from the 1970's to 1990's. Go to:


and you can do it online.

My little bro was registered by the DMV when he went to get his Id. He was 2 months from his 18th birthday and they didn't give hima choice they just did it. Its the law that you have too sign up!

Bruce J
It's required. I never signed up either.

It's called 'Selective Service Registration', and you might as well do it. It can't hurt. There isn't going to be a draft anytime soon. They should send you a card in the mail. If they don't, then don't bother signing up.

You should only sign up if you want to its your decision i am 19 and i never signed up for the draft and nothing ever happened to me so why would anything happen to you.

florida gal
There isn't a draft right now so you don't have to sign up for anything. It's your choice to sign up to serve your country. I'm not saying there won't be a draft later, but for now you're O.K.

arent you automatically signed up these days? you should get something in the mail soon

some guy
Udont need to sign up for any draft , thats why its a draft , they choose u without question , but no u dont have 2 sign up for anything

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