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Military: My smart card has been blocked, How do I regain access to the server?
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Military: My smart card has been blocked, How do I regain access to the server?


Jennifer K
Sometimes the CAC card being blocked can be a problem with the middleware associated with the ActivCard software. If you entered your pin wrong 3 times and that lead to it being blocked then you need to see your S6, CSA, help desk, etc. to get it reset. If your pin is reset and you still have a problem it might be the software loaded on the computer - try multiple computers to ensure it is the card itself. If it won't work on any of them you might have to get a new CAC.

Jimmy Jazz
That sounds like an S6 issue.
Hmmm there seems to be confusion. By smart card I believe you're referring to using your Common Acces Card aka your military ID for logging onto a NIPR computer. Not your Star Card for shopping at the PX.

you just need to call your doim office. you will probably have to take your card in and get the pin reset on it to regain access to your computer

just call customer service and see why it's blocked and what you can do about it. Chances are you need to start paying your bills on time or they will take it out of your check b4 you even see and, plus they'll send a letter to your commander, so you'll get a lecture and probably a financial management class.

Just sit where you are and wait for the MPs and G-2 counter intel security ppl.

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