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Military dog names?
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Military dog names?

My friend's hubby is is Iraq in the Army. She got a new dog (male boxer) and is trying to think of something military/Army related to name him. Nothing like Sarge or Captain please! Only serious responses! Thanks! :)
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Nothing too common. Something different...



If you have to ask then you won't get it, but her husband will think it's hilarious.

If he's airborne then "Rigger" could be a good name. There is a dog named rigger where I skydive.... I hope the dog's not actually packing the chutes.... hmmmm.


My favorite: Rumsfeld (call him Rummy for short)

little mama
Well boxers are big so how about Tank?


Or Troops for short!

Do not of course know what branch of the military he's in, however, its a name with military connotations.

'hi trooper'


Louie O
SPIKE, it's military tough and his tail is cropped, right ?

Emmarrr :]
have something like buster or butch.

Well; my husband was a Scout Sniper; so when I got a dog while he was gone I named him Scout. I miss that dog......

You could also go with Ranger or Charlie (or any other phonetic alphabet name) or Honor.

William R
how about Patton, Like Gen Patton this man kicked butt for a living

Hogan (Hogan's Heros<--an old sitcom)
Papillon (old movie)

MaMa 05
How about Gunny or Patriot??

what about something to do with his MOS? I had a friend who was the Weapons Officer on board a ship, and their dog was named Gunner.


I know someone who has great dogs...How about Recon, Scout, Saber? Pretty obviously CAV names...

Mary A
Alpha or Bravo

tai D
Sandbox. Or maybe, FND, frucking new dog. No, I know, name him DILLIGAF. Call him Dilly for short, eh?

Joe T
what about Bullet or Falcon or Sarge LOL

Gd Luck

Paz (Peace in Spanish)
Mir (Peace in Russian)
Cola (Cost of Living Allowance/Adjustment)
Nato (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)
Pov (Privately Owned Vehicle, hilarious if he's really fast)
Adj (abbreviation for Adjutant, funny if he's very loyal)
Cinc (Commander in Chief abbreviation)
Forscom (Forces Command abbreviation)
Mac (Military Affairs Council)
Neo (Non-Combatant Evacuation Organization, hilarious when one considers both poo and the speed with which boxers can run away)

Ore (Operational Readiness Exercise, funny for the same reasons)

Pac (Personnel Administrations Center, funny if he's imperious)

Volar (Volunteer Army, yup, funny when they bark)

I hope that helps!

devora k
C. O.

Here is my favorite. He will be a average size dag and tough so lets call him

DAWG = Big Dam Dog


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