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One click and closing... what does "click" mean?
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One click and closing... what does "click" mean?

On military shows or movies or whatever, I sometimes here they say something like, "Two hostiles two CLICKS and closing?"

What is a click?

Thanks in advance to all who can help!



Oris D
Slang terms for kilometre include "klick" (sometimes spelled "click" or "klik") and "kay" (or "k"). These non-standard terms can also refer to kilometres per hour, which itself is abbreviated as km/h, km h-1, km·h-1 or, informally, kph.

Since you are a proud supporter of George W. why aren't you a proud Iraq vet who would know this information?

But, for the sake of your safe and comfy military movie enjoyment, click is slang for kilometer.

Kilometer, or it can be the amount of clicks it takes to adjust a rifle scope for elevation or wind.


click is a measurement of distance usually a kilometer

CFC ♪♫Que Sera Sera♪♫
Click is distance , Kilometres , thats why in movies and that they sometimes say 20 Clicks south or 50 Clicks north east and etc

a "click"is another name for kilometer

ryan c
A click is a kilometer.

A "click" is roughly equal to one kilometer.

a kilometer

Another Guy
LoL, you should know that, Sir.

Dag Drahmr
I thought a click was a thousand yards but I'm not sure.

Gracie S
At the top of the page

click of a gun

A slight high pich noise made by a computer mouse and then school clicks like cheerleading or jocks ect.

Michael D
It means withdraw your men!

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