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Our Brave Soldiers!!!!!!!!?
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Our Brave Soldiers!!!!!!!!?

I have been into the tv program Ross Kemp in Afghanistan since it started, every time the soldiers have a break they clean their weapons, what i want to know is why do they do this? would it affect their performace if left unclean, its baffled me since.


It's an indication of a good soldier. Your life depends on your rifle, sand and dust in the working parts of the rifle can cause a stoppage when you need it most, so you make sure it's in the best state possible at all times. You never know when you're going to need it.

Jason L
Don't want your weapon to malfunction in battle.

Yes a clean weapon is less likely to "break down",

God Bless our brave soldiers

tex k
A soldier will clean and inspect his weapons at every opportunity he can. They are his and his comrades only defence if it jams in the heat of battle you are dead. The modern rifle I believe is very good at preventing dirt getting into the workings but I would like too know if soldiers agree with this.If your life depended on a working rifle you would clean and inspect at every opportunity

if you don't clean your weapon there's a better chance it will jam or stop working for some other reason.

Outspoken but Honest
good clean gun good soldier

Jesse H
you dont want the weapon to jam when your in combat because it will defenatly cost you your life.

heather s
So that they can fire it if need be. A dirty weapon will jam and won't do you any good.

Well the M-16A2 or A4 will jam even if you have one grain of sand in that POS. Constant cleaning of your rifle and magazines is important. We clean our rifles before we eat, sleep, or do anything else while at rest.

I mean unless you are Jessica Lynch, then you can have a dirty weapon that won't fire, get caught because you can't read a map, and still get a bronze star......

If you kit isn't kept clean it will, like anything else, deteriorate and stop working. Your weapon is what will keep you alive. If you get into contact and your rifle jams you can guess of all the things that might happen. Luckily the SA80s don't often jam.

It is your what saves your life. It also requires maintenance. It needs oil to operate effectively and dirt can cause it to malfunction. A weapon that won't shoot is about as useful as putting lips on a chicken.

L. G.
Yes, a dirty weapon will malfunction, the m-16 is a lot better than it used to be but the desert is a harsh place, sand and grit get everywhere. the insurgent's weapons often misfire or jam, they arent disciplined enough to keep their rifle clean. Most of the US ordinance is very vulnerable to sand/dust infiltration. this is true from a pistol to a tank main gun. You want your weapon ready to fire when you pull the trigger, this is the best way to make sure that will happen.

edit: your pistol as clean as your rifle?

You tend to take pretty good care of something if your life could depend on it.

Because on the battle field a soldiers weapon is the best friend he and his comrades have. You take care of it because a malfunction can cause your death. he is not in a situation in which he can say to an irate enemy, " Come on, be nice, give me a change, me weapon's jammed"

A dirty weapon will jam and double feed the rounds. It can also wear down the mechanics over time. You weapon is your life line, if it doesn't work, you are as good as dead...unless you are a ninja.

My weapon, my kit, my self!

The weapons need to be stripped and cleaned so that you can maintain its performance and also inspect it for faults as you clean it, you don't want a dead mans click when in contact!!!

to entertain themselves

Clem Chameleon
Your weapon is your mistress while in combat, take care of it and it will take care of you!

Beyond brainwashing

Killing incident civilians in two illegal wars??????????????????????

(Most popular you tube video of politician’s lying)
(Censored war)
(CIA World war 3)
(Who funds wars)

The Wolf
Yes our soldiers are brave. Have you seen how marines and the army fight with valor and bravery in Call of Duty 3 and 4! I have never seen them clean them in the game meaning that you must be mistaken!

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