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Piercings in the army?
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Piercings in the army?

so my nipples are pierced and i was wondering if it would be alright if i kept them in while at boot camp. but not have metal ones in but have clear one in instead so its not noticeable and how often are you without a shirt on at boot camp?

ik everyone will say no not a good idea....but would i have a chance of getting away with it?
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so after boot camp i could get them re-pierced but they wouldnt care? they wouldnt have to know about them would they if i got them re-done


No, you won't get away with it. Better to just remove them now and get them redone after you're done with your training. I don't think I had a Sniper in my Section that didn't have something on them pierced. I, like most NCO's don't care as long as it doesn't hamper your ability to perform your duties.

You won't get away with it bro.

As a platoon SGT and Squad leader I knew my guys had nipple, tongue, ear, and other piercings. The ones that could be seen in uniform weren't worn while on duty and I could really care less, like most other leaders, about your nipples and/or other places that were pierced.

no piercings allowed. even past basic training. females alone are permitted ONE set of earrings. that's it.

you will NOT get away with it at ALL.

no body piercings allowed EVER while in uniform. Just the one set of conservative earrings on females.

♥ Ashley ♥
I was thinking that you can have tats & piercings as long as they didn't show... but im not totally for sure. I think it would be a bad idea to leave them in tho cuz there might be a chance of them getting ripped out or something in basic. Ouch!!!

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