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Question regarding getting disqualified at MEPS?
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Question regarding getting disqualified at MEPS?

I turned my questionnaire packet into my recruiter.
In the packet to where it asks if in the last 7 years you've seen a counselor or psychiatrist I put no because I thought it had been 8 years.
Well after talking to my mother, she thinks it might have actually been 6 years. Will I get in trouble if I let them know at MEPS that it might be different than answered on the questionnaire packet filled out for my recruiter?

Also, will have seen a psychiatrist ONCE disqualify me, even if I hadn't wanted a job needing a clearance?

Thanks ahead of time!


Don't say anything about it.

Everyone lies their a!@#$ off at MEPS. Yes, it will disqualify you. I was just there with a guy whose parents got divorced and he went to counseling once when he was like 9 years old and because he mentioned it, he needed a waiver. It's not a big deal.

Yak Rider
Do not worry about it. Leave things just the way they are. Seeing a shrink once 6 years ago is meaningless except for some pencil pusher at MEPS who will insist you get a waiver of some sort. No one will EVER find out unless you wig out during boot camp.

Anything completed with your recruiter is not binding, once you are at MEPS you are sworn in and then if you lie (willingly or not) that is means for disqualification. It really depends on what you saw a psychologist or psychiatrist for, if you have psychological problems that are severe where your life will be endangered or it could endanger someone else's this will disqualify you from joining the military. If you've dealt with depression issues I would really advice you not to join, the environment you will be joining may worsen your depression or bring back issues that you've suppressed and affect your overall psychological health. I would really like to help you! I am getting my LPC in clinical psychology and I was in the Navy myself and know what it is like, I worked in the psych ward and know what the military can do to a lot of girls that have issues in there past, its not pretty! If you want my honest advice let me know and I can email you more information.

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