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RE 4 code from the navy?
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RE 4 code from the navy?

I got discharged from the navy in boot camp general under honorable, erroneous enlistmen meaning I had a medical condition MEPS didn't find early.
In boot camp when I got discharge i spent three weeks in ship 17 and i guess half of the recruits said thatt re4 means you cannot reeinlist in military and cnnot hold any gov job wether that be local or federal, and the other half said that re 4 meant you cannnot reeinlist but you could hold gov jobs but cops and f.b.i and jobs like that you couldn't?
which is true, I am going to gradute UCSD with Urban Studies and Planning Degree and hope to enter a State, Federal, Local career. but I just realized about this.? What is going to happen when the employer sees I got an RE4, can they see the reason why? if not can I just make up a medical reason?


Antarctic Fox
I got an RE-4 Medical about five weeks into basic at Great Lakes around 13 years ago ("erroneous enlistment"). I've worked a lot of contracting jobs in that time, I've been cleared for security clearances, background checks, etc., to work government contracting jobs.

Do you want to know how many jobs I've had to produce my DD-214 for? None. Zero. Zilch.

As a matter of fact, I was surprised to find out a long time ago when filing for unemployment that there was absolutely no record of my having been in the Navy with the state of Texas. According to my state, it's as if I'd never been in the Navy.

At that time, it was not categorized as a discharge. It was a "Separation from Service" -- the difference being that, since I had been in less than six months, I had not served long enough for any characterization and had not served long enough to be eligible for veterans' benefits. So when the "veteran" question comes up, I answer "no". This is the truth, as I am not considered a veteran, and any evidence that I was ever even in the military seems to have disappeared into the either. This may have changed over time, but those are my experiences. No one has ever given a damn about it, and I no longer care, either.

My advice is that you file your DD-214 and accompanying discharge paperwork in a safe place in case you need it. If someone ever asks for it, then you have it. If someone denies you a job because of a medical separation, then you have it to submit in court when you sue them for discrimination in hiring. I would go so far as to say that you shouldn't even bother putting that you were in the Navy on your resume.

Remember, as well, that this isn't a black mark on you. You don't think the best and the brightest go hunting for jobs at MEPS, do you?

Jose H
Don't worry about it. RE4 applies only to the military.

Robert C
The RE-4 code only means that you are not recommended for reenlistment.

It does not mean anything else...and does not restrict you from anything else.

As long as you got an Honorable Discharge, this code will have no effect on your life other than not allowing you to try and enlist in the Military again.

Unfortunately, most people who get this code also got "big chicken dinners" or Bad Conduct Discharge...or Dishonorable..etc..

The most important thing to remember is that you received an honorable discharge. You are fine!

If you went with an erroneous enlistment versus a fraudulent enlistment, the RE4 won't count against you in the civilian world. Your SPD is what most employers are going to look at.

Now MEPS didn't find your condition. . . Does that mean you didn't know you had it? Or. . . does that mean you knew about it and didn't disclose it? If you failed to disclose it, then you most likely got a fraudulent enlistment. Not sure how the Navy works it, but in the Coast Guard, when I authorize separation under erroneous enlistment it's an Honorable. Erroneous means it's something that popped up that was disqualifying and there was no demonstrable willful failure to disclose a disqualifying condition.

A General, OTOH, would seem to suggest a fraudulent. If that's the case, you SPD may set off a few bells, buzzers, and whistles with potential employers.

Whatever you do, be truthful. Regardless of any short-term benefits you may derive from fibbing, lying, failing to disclose, etc., being untruthful will eventually come back to bite you on the butt.

You have to **** up really bad in order to get a RE4.

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