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Sea Cadets Vs. Civil Air Patrol?
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Sea Cadets Vs. Civil Air Patrol?

I'm interested in joining either the sea cadets or CAP, but am unsure of which route to take. My aspirations are to graduate from the Naval Academy, and become a navy or marine fighter pilot. My cousins did Sea cadets, but I have a friend who's brother does CAP, and they both speak highly of each organization.What are the pro's and con's of each program, and what are your thoughs on which one I should do? I attended 2 CAP meetings and the people there are goofs, but my friends brother said to try different squadrons, and my parents don't particularly want me to go away for boot camp. Any help would be appreciated.(P.s I live in the U.S)


Yes try different sqaudrons!!! Some squadrons are totaly unprofessional but others are great. If you want to be a pilot CAP is the place to be, but if you want to go into maritime stuff, sea cadets is great! As far as going to the Naval Academy both are good depending on rank, time in, and experience. The more activities consolodated to one of the orginizations the better.

Since your parents don't want you to be away for long: CAP's summer encampments (required to promote to C/2LT) are 1 week long while sea cadet encampments (not required in most cases) are usually 2 weeks or more. In general CAP seems to be more professional and they have a real live mission, and sea cadet offer alot of great training but don't have a mission or the flying experience availble.

I currently attend the academy. I am a 3rd class Midshipmen. I went to NAPS and am about to be a second class.

This site will give you all the info you need about the naval academy and admissions.


just click on the 3rd link down.

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