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Should the army be banned from recruiting in schools?
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Should the army be banned from recruiting in schools?

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What I think about this is that because the government is full of hypocrites. From top to bottom then we should be skeptical about what they say and what THEIR real intention is. If they keep saying things like reduce salt intake for health reasons, reduce car speeds ditto, charge more for petrol ditto, nanny us here and there ditto, ban smoking in PUBS! ditto, etc then they have to look at the DANGER that the army has for kids. And ban it. To save lives.


Melissa L
no ... i see no problem with it . my son who is 15 now plans on joining and i want him to be well informed before making that decision . it gives kids something to thin about .... where they are going and what they want to do !!! if you want to go to college you dont start planning after you get out of high school .

FUNNYONE !!!!!! i agree very very much !!!!!! i see what your talking about (actually i live it) it gets old !!

Conservative R
If the school is taking my tax dollars to try to brain wash children to be good little liberals. I think the military should not only recruit on campus and in college towns but is some cases (Berkley CA for example) consider them hostile territory!

Should I.B.M. be banned? How about govt. agencies- the I.R.S.,the C.I.A. or maybe the gas / electric companies( we all hate them)! To me they are all careers for the right people so why not a career in the military? If they don't allow the military then they shouldn't allow any of them.

No, no branch should be. It is an individual's choice and a very brave one at that. If my son grows up and wants to join the military I will be behind him 100%

Military Recruiters should be welcomed by schools, clubs, sport teams, Churches, and anywhere young Americans gather. We the people expect our Armed Forces to continue to guarantee our freedom. To do so without a draft, the recruiters has to recruit. Any leftist plot to stop this is as wrong as two boys holding hands!

dan the man
nope. you can't use the arguement that they pushed the travel/ career opportunities and downplayed the "you might die" concept. every job does that. you might work at a grocery store and they will say its great you can work a flexible schedule and work with nice people, but in reality you get paid **** and might have to clean bathrooms. besides, alot of people in school have no idea what do to after highschool and the army being there is just sharing more information to those who may be interested.

Things may have changed since the schools have been taken over by pathetic lefty wimps who don't play games, but in my day, the kids all looked forward to Army presentations. Most of us enjoyed that sort of thing, even if it wasn't admitted too openly! Mind you, about twenty percent of us were from families which had some connection with the forces, and by the time we got to A-levels, about ten percent of us were lined up for one sort of commission or other. That sort of school.

But it does also give the less privileged the chance to see that there is a way of life that does not involve going on the dole or working in a factory (if you can still find any), and which if truth be told, is also bloody good fun, and a chance for the lads to have a worthwhile life. If the recruiting teams can't tell them, then who will? And where? In front of the telly or the X-Box? Bollocks.

If they do ban recruiting, it'll be to placate the chinless beardies so they'll vote for Brown and cronies when the time comes.

No, because we have a law that all young men, who reach the age of 18 must register for selective service.

If a school district, city or county ban recruiting, then the Feds need to cut funding to those places. I dont want my tax dollars supporting those people who wont support our troops. I say start in San Francisco and see who else wants to lose the federal dollars for a year or more.

Hey, if they lose the funding, its gone for one full year, even if they change their minds.

NO It just gives kids another option (one that I feel more people should take advantage of)

Why do we let lawyers and doctors come in and try get kids to enter their lines of work and not let military personnel come in and give their pitch. Whatever happened to FREE SPEACH!

No I don't - but I do think that teachers should be stopped from spouting their politics and beliefs at the expense of the British Nation and maybe they should support those that really do do a worthwhile job, because from what I have exoerienced lately with teachers, if a child doesn't shine they do very little to give him or her any spark. Their first job should be to teach children respect and the thre r's

Bastard Spawn
No how stupid is that everyone needs an army

If it's a public school. they should be allowed to recruit. If it's a private school, then it should be up to whoever runs the school.

Morgan V
N O!! That would be taking away job oppourtunities for some people who would be honored to serve their country!!!

liberal italienne goddess™ v1.02
No. A lot of these kids have very little options.

Do you wanna be the ONE American to kill the patriotism in your school?
You're probably the one that sits on ur fat *** during the Pledge.

No. The government funds the schools, so they gov't should recruit as they see fit.

Anyone wants it different, well, lets see how well public schooling turns out when it's budgets are slashed 100%. Only fair, at least as you'd have it from me and my admitted bias.

no, because if we treat the military as the plague and encourage young people to despise it and avoid it, what are we asking for? just what the enemy wants, a populace too politically correct and afraid to defend itself. like i told someone who kept saying they want peace...you can't have peace with someone who does not want peace with you. And it serves no purpose to the memory of the many who went willingly to fight for freedom. If my freedom rested in the hands of today's youth, God help us all.

Big T
If they balance the "it's a fantastic chance to learn skills that are extremely sought after in the civilian arena, an opportunity to travel the world and experience a fabulous life that your mates will not see" with "you will be cannon fodder, and this is what extreme injury looks like, and you will not have a choice about where you are sent, and you will experience disciplines that you will believe are unfair", then I don't have too much of a problem with it.
Where I fall out with it is that they do not give a realistic portrayal of serving in the army.
Specifically, I am concerned about recruits, and even serving soldiers, being sent into combat zones with no real ideas about the conditions, including being maimed and killed.

In the US No. In the UK depends upon what the populace wants.

Definitely, the less people killing each other the better.

Yes. they shouldn't be able to recruit anyone under the age of 21. Give the people a chance to be a teenager before you send them to war sheesh.

Jack P
Yes it should be banned.
This strategy takes advantage of the unique psychological state of an 18-19 year olds mind that makes them think (or rather feel) invincible

yes they should ... brainwashing young boys in2 thinking the army is some great big game were they can play with guns its despicable.. as alot of mothers say round here is when politicians send there children to the front line then ares can go 2

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