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The US has military bases in 63 countries. why is it that no other country has a military base on US soil?
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The US has military bases in 63 countries. why is it that no other country has a military base on US soil?


Thats not necessarily true.

Norad is a joint american/canadian base.

The command of NORAD rotates between American and Canadian Generals.

The Germans have thier Air Defense School in El Paso Texas located on Fort Bliss.

Why would they?

Mullah Obama
Well, just about all of those countrys had their azz saved by us during WW2 and they let us stay so that instead of them spending their own money to protect themselves, they let the US taxpayer cover it. How else do you think places like Europe could afford all the social programs over the last 60 years.

Gotta have more explosions!
It wouldn't really benefit anyone. America's too far away from anything volatile to be a strategic place to have a base.

Though mind you, soldiers from many different countries have postings on the mainland US for the purposes of exchange and training.

We actually pay the countries we are in to be there. and the U.S. doesnt really have any strategic value since north and south america are pretty quiet except for violence in certain south american countries which while tragic, doesn't affect the grand scheme of things.

the devil wears camo
cant afford your taxes

steven b
Because the American Empire's economy and its democracy depend upon controlling dissenting countries by force. There are many books on the subject, including Blowback and Imperial Brain Trust, and everything by Noam Chomsky. Most of the answers already given are way off, and testify to the power of propaganda over the public mind in America. I'm proud to be an American but the foreign policies of the United States have gone way off course and overboard. Either we're spread too thin and we'll begin to weaken or we'll take over the world (obviously impossible). No empire in history has ever lasted forever. It is my sincere hope that we can begin to mend our relationships with the rest of the world and stop pressuring foreign countries to adopt our very unique brand of "democracy," which mostly seems to mean keeping brutal dictators in power as long as they serve our agenda, and then ousting them when their usefulness runs its course. If you have never heard this point of view, do a little research or ask someone from any other country in the world outside of the US.


Vantage Point
To add to the discussion. I noticed 'DC Guy' s answer.
He made two major premise. The first is we are correct in invading Afghanistan where Al Qaida was based. The 2nd is we are wrong and its illegal to to invade Iraq because Iraq was not involved with 9/11. 'DC Guy' said that the reason we are in Iraq is to cover Israel's butt so it can't be whipped.

I agree to his first premise and partly agree to his 2nd premise. I don't agree to 'DC Guy's reason on his 2nd premise. For many years U.S. and British Intelligence believe Saddam to be a terror to that region. Used Gas as a WMD in Iraq - Iran War. Used Gas against his own people. Occupied and took over Kuwait and declared it as part of Iraq. Those events made SAUDI ARABIA uneasy scared and felt that the next target by Saddam Hussein will be SAUDI ARABIA -The Holy Land of Islam. Remember the first Desert War led by Bush SR as the commander in chief? Although Saddam Hussein was beaten back out of Kuwait. Saddam Hussein tried to assassinate Bush SR. covertly.

The U.S. administration by Bush JR. has a personal agenda and vested interest in the matter of Saddam Hussein being a terror and threat to the stability of neighborhood. Also the American people itching for more action pushed on from Afghanistan to Iraq. It was easy for Bush and Cheney to manipulate intelligence reports and lied to the American people.
This lie is a small lie (Bush and Cheney) compared to the rewards the war will bring in. It has monetary rewards and honors to boast. Winning wars will bring laurels for Bush and Cheney. It will revitalize the military sector of the economy and other businesses that services the military. Who has the most to benefit in extending war in the middle east? Bush, Chaney, McCain and their business associates.

Saudi Arabian monarchy have been saved. Benefited the most in Iraq War. Bush Jr and Cheney disgraced instead of winning laurels. Continuing the Iraq War still reaps monumental cash flow for the military sector of the economy.
This big rip in American Taxpayer's pocket is bringing the whole American Economy into Recession.

news hound
I am pretty sure that the UK has a presence in the states, but with respect to the =Voice of liberty= there is no one in the free world would suggest the the USA has not played a major role in fighting to rid the world of the instances he =outlines very clearly=, But I am sure= he =must also respect that many other countries also had a vital role to those theatres of war he highlights, losing many thousands of personnel in the process.

Because they're Number One? Of course they do have exchanges with other nations: Canadian soldiers (and officers) in particular have exchange programs with US Forces

RTO Trainer
Why don't you know about the bases and basing rights of other countries in the US?

Heck, the Germans lease entire Air Force Bases from us.

Watch Global Enslavement on YouTube That Should Answer your ?

Military Member 10yrs
They may not have bases but we train with MANY servicemembers from MANY different countries. Most of the American Military abroad were left in place as part of peace keeping. Slowly but surely we are pulling out the troops and moving on. There also have been no wars on American soil for many moons so I don't feel there is any need for any other country to have a presence here. We have already won our Independence from other contries we are trying to help other contries do the same. Keep in mind, though, some contries have a twisted sense of values and priorities so it is harder to help them overcome adversity, thus taking longer to withdrawl troops.

because the US plays the role of the empire.

maria z
We don't want help we just force it on others.

US is interested to control the world. Thus, there are moves that the bases will e returned.

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