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Wanted: Some well-wishes for my son in Iraq.?
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Wanted: Some well-wishes for my son in Iraq.?

Our son is a Marine serving in Iraq, and has about a month left. He is horribly home sick and losing his motivation. I'd like to start sending him words of encouragement to help boost his moral. Thank you in advance for your positive comments, and to those who wish to leave negative ones, it's just a shame you live in this country....
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His name is Jason. Please sign off with your state. Thanks!


Jason, I am so proud to have young men and women like you fighting for the privledges my family and I enjoy everyday. I will keep you and your dear mother in my prayers and place you on the prayer list at church this weekend. I thank you for standing on "the wall" and protecting us at night while we sleep in our comfy beds and pray for your safe and healthy return!!


Best Wishes to you and those with you :) Thanks for all you have done so far, I should be over there shortly too (Air Force).


I feel kinda dumb doing this...I hope this really is going to a Marine..

Semper Fi Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good job serving your country unlike the other sissies out there!!!
Thanks Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tell jason that everything comes to an end, and the way he handles him self makes him the man he his.


Jason just know that we all really appreciate your bravery. You have a huge heart! Keep yourself safe. - NY

Take care out there, Jason. Come home soon.

bandmo b
Jason, thank you for serving and protecting our great country. It is great that we have people like you who have the courage to defend against terrorism!

Keep your chin up and your head down buddy, Come home safe. - Army SPC G, Michigan

Political G
We are ALL behind you no matter what our politics. You are there and know the truth of what is happening. We are not, but everyone, no matter what our stance on this war, support you and all our troops and want you to come home safe and whole. The democrats are FIGHTING to make sure you have the benefits that you deserve and we keep you in our prayers every day.

An Ohio Marine wife

power of 3
You tell your son that I'm very thankful and praying for him. He's very brave to be going over there. I'm a member of the Ladies VFW and I'm very proud of everybody that is over at Iraq. He's in my prayers. He's doing a good deed for his country. Way to go!!!

God bless you and your fellow marines! Thank you for all you have done and are still doing, come home safe.

Jason, thank you for your bravery, and for your service to our country and the world.

My family and I appreciate all you do, and hope that you and your fellow troops stay safe.

Take care, stay strong, know that you are in our thoughts and our prayers and we hope you come home soon. :-)

Leah and family from Virginia

HI Jason!

You hear from your mom and dad, and family how proud of you they are.

I cannot tell you as an American CItizen how VERY PROUD of you I am and also my family. You volunteered for this and you are sacrificing so much. Gods Speed. Remember there are people here praying for you and your well-being and return!!!

THank-you so much!!! We are so proud of you!!!!!
California, USA

MOM, Hang tough!!!!! I have no words for you except thanks for raising such a good son!!!!! GOD BLess You too!!!!!

brian L
Hey jarhead!!! I heard you was getting the short timer blues. Don't worry now your almost home. I lived in the gulf for 2 years from 1988-1990 on a white flagship while the Iranians and Iraqis were shooting at one another . We'd patrol the gulf which was full of floating mines and we didn't have a sonar just a pair of eyes connected to a good ole .50 cal. If your worried about being extended don't! worry accomplishes nothing but ulcers. If it happens it happens you will always have people to protect you that's why you're in a squad their your family there. Trust them to see you thru anything .Your still here they must have done something right. If you you want to confide in a fellow veteran I'm at woofdogmeow@yahoo.com e-mail me anytime SEMPER FI jarhead and stay sharp.

Good luck and god speed to your son. Give him an "oorah" and tell him to hang in there.

Yes, and everyone should send E-Mails, Cards, etc. The last month is tough in combat, perhaps tougher than the first 3 months. God bless you and him, and your doing the right thing.

I've been there too buddy. This thing doesn't last forever and soon it will be just a memory while you're sitting at home enjoying time with your family. You're doing it for a cause and you are a better person because of it. You have all the support in the world and you're almost DONE!!! Take care of yourself and your buddies...

He surely has my best wishes -Texas

Thank you Jason!

I cannot imagine how tough it must be to be there right now. Thoughts and prayers are with you all...hopefully you'll be home safely very soon.

Semper Fi!
Former Marine
Marlborough Massachusetts

Sempre Fi !!!. Keep up the good work. We are all here praying for you. Come home soon.

Hey Jason,
my thoughts and prayers are with u. Thank you for serving so that I and all of us can continue to be free. my hubby is in the reserves and may be going there in Jan. (waiting on orders now). I'm sure u can't wait to get home. Keep your chin up and remember u r loved.
donna (west virginia)

Almost done. Dont dispare. Will be home soon. I know its rough for all parties. Hubby been deployed more than once and I am looking forward to my first next spring. Best wishes! (army)

Well, Hello Jason. Thanks so very much for doing what your are over there! I know it's been very hard, but you are doing a great job and only have a short time left. Hang in there, you'll make it! Wow, will everyone be happy to see you home! We are all very proud of you and your service to our country. God keep you safe and may your time left, pass swiftly. Just keep think about all the love and joy you will bring and receive when you get back! Thanks again, so very, very much!! K from MO

Jason. Our prayers for your safe return are with you. Patience and you will be amazed how soon this month is over. I know, I went thru the same thing in Southeast Asia.

In the mean time ....."OOOOHHHRRRAHHHHH!!!!!!!"

Former USAF SSgt from Texas.

i hope you and your squadron are all well, You should be coming home soon i know that my husbands advanced party leaves next month and the rest of his squad leaves in October so i feel for you and know how much you want to come home.. We have 2 little ones so i think it's going to be a bit harder for us, but know that there are tons of people who support every enlisted person even though it doesn't seem that way, and I'm proud to say I'm an American and be protected and sheltered from the the true harms of our world because people like you (and my hubby E-6) are willing to put yourselves in harms way for all of your safety thank you and be safe Your in Gods hands and I'm sure he has is troops (angels) looking out for you, Semper Fi..
Mandy California

I would like to thank your son for what he is doing for all of us. It must be terrible over there. I spoke with my father about a month ago about this war. He was in world war II and fought with Patton's army. This is what he said to me "I feel so sorry for those kids fighting in Iraq, because they don't know who they are fighting. During WWII, we wore uniforms, they wore uniforms and we knew who the enemy was" He was so right. My Dad passed away on July 28th. I miss him terribly. It must be so hard on you. Tell your son we are all pulling for him and praying for him. Those guys and girls are our heroes. I am praying for you too.

Hi im from the uk... my dad was in the forces so in a way know wot u going through ( he was a desert rat in the first gulf war) think they are so brave and shows that the soldiers are real men and doing this for their country and totally patriotic to their country.. ( rather than having no job etc and being lay about)
hell be home real soon and just think of the partys when he does!! let him know if ( sure u have done) how proud u all are and im sure thatl boost him a bit. hes lucky to have parents like u to be doing what u can to help him along this time in his life.... good luck and chin up to all of u!! take care!!

Hey Jason, stay tough over there. I know it's hard but you'll be home soon and you'll be a hero to loved ones and even strangers. Coming from two service members we know you have one of the most demanding jobs in the military.
So stay on your toes and come home safe to your parents. They obviously love you very much. We don't know you, but we're proud of you. Thanks Jason.

-SSgt Christine Hillier
-A1C Ben Hillier
(Yeah I know - my wife outranks me, laugh it up!)

From Hawaii and Maine but presently stationed at Tinker AFB Oklahoma

Hello Jason,

It is always welcomed news of one of our troops coming home ! Only 1 month to go ! 4 weeks ! You've served your
Country well and soon you'll be back home,with family and friends! I have a family member who just arrived in Kuwait and is undergoing incountry processing and being climatized before being moved to an area north of Bagdad. He's not a Marine but an Army soldier ! Not everybody can be a Marine !! lol ! Well... Jason...I send my thoughts and well wishes for the next month to pass speedily for you. I would like to extend to you my thanks for giving up a year or more of your life to do what you've been called to do,with honor and dignity, and in a month you can email me via this venue .... just to say Hi ...I'm back ! God Bless and keep you safe.... until later....good bye.

Len B. Maryland

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