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What's the oldest age you can join the military?
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What's the oldest age you can join the military?

Also, if I serve when i'm 18, i get out at 22 y/o. Then can I come back after a couple years and serve again if i wanted? What are a marine's benefits after doing ROTC their junior and senior year?


I can't answer all of those, but when I joined the military in 1994 the cut-off was 34 years old. I think they may have raised it by now, but I'm not sure.

You can get out for a few years and the go back in. Again, when I left in 1999, you were automatically on inactive reserve for the first 6 years after you got out, and you could pretty much go back in during that period as long as you met the physical requirements. The only problem is that you generally have no leverage that way, and you may have to change your rate or take a reduction in rank. I was an Electrician's Mate (E5) when I got out, but I when I looked at going back in 2 years later I had to choose between Electrician's Mate (E4) or Engineman (E5).

I don't know if ROTC has any benefit if you don't get a degree, other than getting you used to some of the terminology and what-not. It is beneficial if you remain in ROTC through college and get a degree - then you can go in as an officer. I would have done that if I had known a little more about the military.

i think 35 is the cutoff age now.

Mr Puma
Active Duty None-Prior Service

•Army - 42 (must ship to basic training prior to 42nd birthday)
•Air Force - 27
•Navy - 34
•Marines - 28
•Coast Guard - Age 27. Note: up to age 32 for those selected to attend A-school directly upon enlistment (this is mostly for prior service).

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