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What's tougher/better .. Air Force or Navy?
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What's tougher/better .. Air Force or Navy?

I've been talking with my recruiter for the Air Force and get a date for Meps in a few weeks. I have really been thinking about joining the Navy instead, but not to sure. I like both a lot, and cant determine which would be best for me. I have an associates degree in criminal justice, and really want to join a branch that will turn me into a hard working, tough, and educated person. I want to join the reserves because I want to continue going to school for my bachelors in CJ. What's your opinion on both...also I'm female so any females please don't hesitate to give me your input...and NO i don't want to join the marines (cuz I know a select few of you who say the air force and such is for sissies)
Additional Details
Also if I go to MEPS for the Air force and decide that I want to join the Navy, would I have to do MEPS all over again. I'm pretty sure I'm going to make my decision before I go, but just incase.


Hey there!

Speaking as a female and former Air Force Security Forces member, I'd say go Air Force.

When I was thinking about the military, I thought about joining the Navy, but after my brother, who was in the Navy, told me NOT to join them, I picked the Air Force. That and the fact that when I was talking to the recruiters, the Air Force recruiter that I went through was very nice, very informative, and let me take my time with my decision, which I appreciated. The Navy recruiters weren't as nice, and actually started stalking me for a decision. They even went as far as giving me a specific date to make my decision by. I didn't like that, and that was one of the reasons why I opted for the Air Force, and I told them that when I spoke to them AFTER I signed my enlistment papers.

Being stationed at Langley AFB, the majority of our base arrests for shoplifting and DUI's were Navy. We have several Navy bases near us and they would all come to Langley and get in trouble. We always had issues with the Navy people (men and women).

Plus, another thing to think of, is your career choices. If you're in the Navy, you'll probably be stationed on a ship at one time or another. You'll need to figure in being out of port anywhere between a few weeks at a time to 6 months or more for deployments. That makes going to school hard, unless you take online classes, and even that might be difficult as well depending on your job.

At least with the Air Force, you'll be more grounded to one location. It'll be easier to go to school, or take online courses. Depending on your job you'll most likely have deployments to worry about, but most range from about 3 months to the more common year now for the Iraqi conflict.

I'm not sure how the whole MEPS thing works. I want to say I think it works for all branches at the same time, but then again, I could be wrong. That is really something you'll want to discuss with your recruiter.

Whatever decision you make, make sure you take your time thinking about it, and ask all of the questions you can think of for the most information. This is your life, not theirs. The last thing you want to do is to sign the papers and regret your decision later.

Joseph P
US Air Force offers most up-to-date jobs that can often be used in civilian life. Thats always something to think about. In other words, if you join the A/F for three or four years, maybe you'll decide to make it a 20 year career. That's good. But maybe 3 or 4 years would be more that enough, then if you have a real good job during your hitch, than it will be easier to get a job (in that field) when you get out. Good Luck.

☆ ★Maverick☆ ★
Air Force, have better benefits .

air force

I joined the AF after deliberating forever on whether to do Army or Air Force. I have never met a single person that didn't like the AF. I know people in every other branch and there is atleast one person that says something bad about their chosen branch but no one ever has anything bad to say about the AF. I haven't been in long so I cant give you a better description of why it isn't, or is better than the Navy. I just could never do Navy because I am not too fond of the water and I dont like the idea of being on a boat for months at a time. Read up on all of them to the best of your ability and choose whats right for you. No one can make the decision but you. Also about the MEPS thing, I did this just recently also. I went to MEPS the first time for the Army and passed everything, but then I decided to join the AF and all they had to do was switch my information over to the other branch. It wasn't a big hassle or anything. Good luck.

Either one of those would be fine.
Just don't go into the army right now.

AF is better for jobs, accommodations, food and has their own AP's. Navy, clean beds, OK chow and a good chance to wind up wearing a Marine uniform, which I did, and hated every minute of it! USMC: Uncle Sam's Misguided Children.

That is tough, air force reserves the nukes and stuff but the navy's got nuclear subs, i would probably say air force because they control air space and cyber space

These two branches fight on different terrains. Navy on the sea primariliy, and the air force by plane in the air. That is like comparing apples and oranges.

doug s
I've had varied experience with all branches of the service, direct experience with The Air Force. AF isn't as physically strenuous as the Army or Marines, it's about even with the Navy. However, Navy is pickier when it comes to the brains department than all four. For instance, if you get into the Naval Academy that's no small feat.

If you're going to practice law for the military I hear great things about the Navy for that. And either way, it's all down to JAG.

If you already have a degree and want to get your bachelors, go Air Force. They have more CJ jobs and they will supply you with more money for your schooling than the Navy will. But if you wish to make one of them a career, I would suggest Navy, even though I'm going Army. I had talked to the AF and Navy but neither of them suited me. And as for the MEPS question: I'm pretty sure once you go through it, you don't have to do it again.

Depends on if you're afraid to fly, or swim. ;)
GL with your decision!

The NAVY is the way to go------my two brothers and my best friend is in the air force and they all hate it.... I absolutely love being in the NAVY, but that's as far as my opinion goes being that Ive never served in the Air Force.....Whatever you choose we all fight on the same side of the flag. Just know that you are enlisting during a time of war and if you decide to go navy your chances of being involved are much higher than in the air force. Good Luck in whatever you choose, everything will be just fine after a couple months of hell. HOOYAH!!!!!!!

Whatcha Gonna Do
tougher: navy
better: AF

Tom S
well, the navy has its own aircraft, so if you are on the fence, i'd go with them.

Give Peace A Chance
neither, they both perpetuate violence and murder in the world. Join Greenpeace or the Peace Corps!

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