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What ASVAB score do you need to become a nurse?
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What ASVAB score do you need to become a nurse?

i got a 79 on a practice one with a recruiter but i didnt get the chance to ask him, and i didnt get his card


Nurses are not enlisted and thus do not take the ASVAB.

Nurses are officers and must have a BSN in hand before they can seek a Commission.

If you want to be a nurse, you need to go to college. If that is your main goal, you either need to enlist in some random job in the Guard or Reserves so you can get some money and experience while you're in school or go to ROTC to get a little extra money when you're in school. There are also programs for medical professionals when they get into the military, but I have no idea how any of them work.

All nurses in the military have a bachelor's degree (BSN). Your ASVAB is irrelevant.

If your heart is set on being a nurse, look into ROTC. All three branches have scholarships specifically for nurses. Air Force pays 100% tuition, provides a book allowance and a stipend. I believe the other services are equally generous.

Rob Himself
join the navy, be a corpman, you'll be with a marine infantry battalion.

Curt J
If you are dealing with the Army, you need a minimum of a 95 under the ST score. The AFQT only qualifies or disqualifies you for/from bonuses and the Army College Fund.

golden r
Actually you will need to enlist as a 68W or Health care specialist (medic) Then you will be required to go to additional schools and achieve extra levels of proficiency. When you are qualified the Army will send you to the M6 course (mike 6) which is the nurses course. I have a nurse working in my recruiting station and that is the route he took. He has served as a 68W, a nurse, and an instructor at Fort Sam Houston fo the nursing course. Also, check with your recruiter for the basic requirements through FSR2S as they change from time to time. You currently need a minimum of 105 in the ST it has gone up recently.

Heather H
68WM6 ASI – Licensed Practical Nurse

Aptitude Score: ST – 102 (101 as of July 2004) and GT - 107

...A minimum score of 105 in aptitude area ST, minimum GT of 110 in Armed Services Vocational aptitude Battery (ASVAB) tests administered prior to January 2002 and a minimum score of 102 in aptitude area ST, minimum GT of 110 on ASVAB tests administered on or after 2 January 2002 is required. ASVAB Test administered on or after 01 July 2004, will have an ST requirement of 101 and a GT of 107....

that's high enough to become a combat medic...but you'll still need to go to college and get you're associate degree in applied science and go through a nursing program to become a nurse.

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