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What are civil war words that start with x y and z?
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What are civil war words that start with x y and z?

im doing a civil war primer and i need help on ideas for important people that have the letter x y and z in their names or just flat out ideas that relate to the civil war that have x y and z in its name.


I don't know about X, but you can use the words Yankee and Zouave, a type of soldier.


This website here has a list of officers and Generals that served both sides in the Civil War, down alphabetical order. Should help you out quite a bit.

Ideas that relate to the Civil War: Yankee was a slur used to describe Northerners.

debbie maness
we found a med used in the civil war with the letter x. it is Xanthorrhiza

debbie maness
i found a med use in the civil war with the letter x so we used that on my daughters report for school

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