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What are the steps to re-enlisting airforce after entry level separation?
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What are the steps to re-enlisting airforce after entry level separation?

I enlisted as a reservist in the air force and was sent home because of stress fractures as an entry level separation re entry code 4C during basic training!

After healing and training I would like to re enlist now as Active Duty is this possible? And if so what are the steps necessary to complete the enlistment process


With a re-entry code of 4 you are probably not getting back into the Air Force. Right now they're only accepting 1s and a few 2s for critical jobs because too many people want to join.

Still if you're determined, call up your recruiter and see what he can do.

Well, since you are currently a reservist it wont be as hard as it would if you were in guard. But, you will need to visit the MPF office at your base and talk to a carrer counseler or recuiter. Good luck!

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