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What branch of the military is best fit for a family?
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What branch of the military is best fit for a family?

please tell me in you are in a branch or having been, whitch branch has the best benifitis and best fits a family life?


Coast Guards. The United States Coast Guards (USCG) has the best quality of life for both single and family. Mostly because they are the smallest branch.

Many people do not consider the USCG when applying for the military, but it is a military branch that falls under the Department of Homeland Security (previously fell under Department of Transportation).

Pay, standard benefits (i.e., vacation, medical, education, etc.), and retirement are the exact same thing as all the other military branches.

Air Force I would rank second best for family life.

The Air Force treats the families the best. The Marine Corps, the worst! I am an ex-Marine Corps wife, and my Brother-in-law is in the Air Force. SOOOO much better for his family, than mine!

Mr Placid
If I had a family, I would choose Air Force.

First off, all the services have exactly the same benefits and pay, so that's not an issue.

However, except for a handful of personnel who work odd shifts, the Air Force is the closest thing to a 9 to 5 job in the military. Army and Marine personnel are regularly away from home for several weeks every year, even during peacetime, to perform practice military exercises. Navy personnel are away from home on ships for several months per year. The majority of Air Force personnel, on the other hand, rarely leave base.

Also, most Air Force bases are located near urban areas, which makes it easier for spouses to find employment, if necessary, and culture. Army and Marine stations, for the most part, are located in rural BFE, which is fine if you like hunting and fishing, I suppose.

Additionally, I believe that the Army, Navy, and Marines have the greatest number of non-sponsored posts of duty. A serviceman assigned to such a post cannot bring his family, unless he pays for everything out of pocket.

During wartime, the Coast Guard gets attached to the Navy, and performs the same combat functions as the Navy. I would hardly consider that risk-free.

Well since so many people don't think the coast guard is in that much danger because they don’t come over to Iraq, Bad new for ya they are over here. As for which service is better for a family there is not one that is better than the other we are all covered by the same Medical and dental. We all deploy, All thought I think the Navy deployments are the hardest because you deploy on ships for six months or more weather there is a war or not. As far as the rest it really depends on the job you take you can do an MOS that has you TDY (temporary duty assignment) all the time. You could go to a duty station that hardly ever goes to the field and change stations and go to the field all the time. I have two kids under 5 and I know it is hard on them because I am gone a lot but the pay off is when they are in there teens I will be retiring and be able to devote more time to them in the years that they will need more purpose and direction. So it is a sacrifice you have to make early for the benefits down the road. All of the service have the same out come

Mr. Main Event
Coast Guard. You get equal pay (and benefits) with less risk. In fact, the coast guard usually stays in the country unless something disastrous happens.

jess b
I would have to say the National Guard - you are with your family (after training and not including deployments) you don't move around and it is a smaller close knit community because you all live in the same area. It is hard to put into words - you just really need to experience it for your self. But you have a normal job with normal hours that isn't going to call you away all the time unless there is a state emergency or you are being deployed. Companies seem to be a little smaller and your cadre seem to be easier to get along with - more easy going.

The Marines are the worst. Intercontinental moves come out of the Marine Corp budget, while overseas deployments come out of the Navy budget. So you end up with a lot of overseas moves.

U S Army is more family oriented!!
US Army(RET) 1958 - 1979

my boyfriend soon to be fiance is in the navy. he works on subs so its hard for me to live somewhere where he is. but hes on land for 4 years and then he can be sent on a sub for the next for and so on until he doesnt enlist anymore. we can be sent anywhere in the world. from what ive learned so far they are pretty good with families and accomidating them. it really depends on what you are willing to deal with and what things you are and are not willing to give up. like wether you are willing to move around alot or not.

All the services have the same benefits. The larger services have more duty station opportunities and accompanied tours. My family was very happy in the USMC, but being in the smallest service there are fewer duty stations and being close to home during a tour was almost impossible. If you want to be close to home during a tour I suggest you look at the bases close to home. If you want to visit foreign countries WITH your family I suggest the Army or Air Force, but honestly you will get moved around a lot more by these services. If you really want to be stable then look into the National Guard. They have active duty personnel also, you might have to move around the state but thats it.

Heath W
Only one Coast Guard Death??? Ever??? Come on!! There have been 10 so far this year just from training
Aircraft accident: 4
Boating accident: 1
Exposure: 2
Fall: 1
Gunfire: 2
Not to mention all the brave souls that loose their lives every year in recovery operations, and drug interdiction. You pay them very poor respect :(

I'd have to agree with the Air Force being the best.

I was in the British Army and as with all branches of the Services civilian life is the best for the family.

BIS126 b
Eeem non

Yes I would agree with the Coast Guard. There has only been one fatality in the USCG since it started.

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