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What countries are military and DOD personnel not allowed to go?
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What countries are military and DOD personnel not allowed to go?

I am a traditional reservist, and I like to travel from time to time. I went to China several years ago and I told my ART that I was going and she didn't seem to care. Well I found out later she probably should have looked deeper into that (that is just what someone told me). My wife is half venezuelan (by her father), but is an american and was born here. I am going to travel there soon, are there any restrictions? If anyone knows where I am not allowed to go, let me know. I know there are differences with Active duty restrictions and Reserve restrictions. Let me know, thanks.


Best thing to do is contact your command and/or the SATO/travel office of the post nearest you...they can generally tell you what countries may be off limits. Also, before you travel to any country, check the State Department website to see if there are any government restrictions or warnings in place.

start with your Security Officer at your unit. even if you can go you will still need to complete the anti terrorism briefing/class before you do.

If you have a Clearance, expect that you will not be allowed to go. Venezuela doesn't like us very much and you could be a target.

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