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What do you call someone in the army?
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What do you call someone in the army?

"Soldier" can be used to refer to many types of military people, so what do you say when referring specifically to someone in the army? Army men?


Personal in the Army are Soldiers
Navy are Sailors
Air force are Airman
Marines are Marine

so yes "Soldiers" is right

NeoLibs are Pathogens
Soldier is a generic term, that actually applies to the Army.

Marines are called Marines,
Navy: Sailors,
Air Force: Airmen.


Soldier is Army
Marine is Marine Corps
Airman is Air Force
Sailor is Navy

Call them a soldier, that is what they are.

Soldier= Army
Marine = Marines
Airmen=Air Force


nope its soldier

you know what people who answered? stop insulting the solders who risk there lives for us!! you ungrateful pigs!

Well Janet Napolitano would call them a right wing extremist...I call them patriots.

i think you would just call them a soldier...

You call them by their rank:
Lance Corporal
Staff Sargent

Randall O

Guardians of freedom and the American way of life.

Army personnel are the only military called "Soldiers" navy= seaman or squid marines= marine / devildogs

Stephen B
Marines are Marines (never soldiers)
Army are soldiers
Navy are sailors
Air force are airmen/women
the term grunt is reserved for specifically for infantry Army or Marine

rick b
As a free American I would say Soldier, Sir, mam, or just how about a thank you and a hand shake

At my age its son, missy and still thank you and a hand shake

Patrick B
Soldier refers to members of the Army.
Marine is the term for anyone in the USMC
Airmen serve in the Airforce
The navy has Seamen.

Generally I think you would call them by rank, unless you mean as a whole group.

In which case, (in America at least) the Army means specifically 'The Army' and not the Air force.

I mean, people will use 'Army' to refer to the Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard, and the Army, but its supposed to only mean the Army.

(=Future Soldier=)
Ignore those ignorant people who don't know what they're talking about. They are saying that stuff about people who are risking their lives to keep the rest of us safe. I call them heroes but that's because i have common sense and i don't take freedom for granted. If the rest of those idiots don't like it then they can get the hell out of the country.

maybe a marine or a Sargent or a private it depends on the rank

a soldier

milatary pesonal

Mike S
When you are speaking of a group of members of the Army 'Soldiers' is totally appropriate. When addressing one Soldier face to face and he is a stranger to you it is useful to use his rank. Only the media refers to anyone in uniform as soldiers. If you were to address a Marine as Soldier he is liable to be rather short with you. As for me, well I've always been proud of being called a Soldier. Good luck to you.

um wouldn't u have to refer to them as their rank...e.g yes lieutenant, yes captain
uh i hope i helped that sounds about right

Army: Soldiers
Air Force: Airmen
Marines: Marine
Navy: Seamen/sailor

Soldiers, when i was in the british army there were loads of different titles you had depending on your regiment, some were rifleman, air trooper, trooper, craftsman, musician, guardsman, private and sapper to name a few.

Americans will be know as their rank as well based on their system, but as a group and generally we are called soldiers there are slang/ unofficial titles, british marines are known as boot necks others include grunts, hard chargers and rear echelon motherfu*kers but there are few more.

Gustavo B

∞ warrior soul
I was an army dog or g.i. *government issue, also dog faced soldier
oh and grunt is in fact a slang term just as I have. were you not seeking slang terms for the army?

a grunt

recruit, corpral general ect

answer please its serious

@jamezbond you only call enlisted men by their rank, EG private, specialist, corporal. Every sergeant is called sergeant, regardless of sergeant first class or first sergeant. Every CO is called sir. An officer, who is anyone above the sergeant major of the army, is called sir. Unless warrant officers aren't called sir, I don't remember, but what can I say, I'm only a PVT as of yet.

A hero

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