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What does "semper fi" mean as used by the us marines?
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What does "semper fi" mean as used by the us marines?


Do You See What Happens Larry?
It's Latin for "always faithful".

♥just me♥
I agree with the first answer. My husband is a marine he always says that to other fellow marines.

Did somebody really just suggest the US Marines fought the Aztecs?
'Semper Fidelis' does mean 'Always Faithful' and is Latin. It has been adopted by several older and more deserving groups, previously.
USA begins 1776, Aztecs destroyed by Conquistadors in 15th century.

this is in response to "the breed"
i wouldn't p i s s on the best part of you.

All Night Designer
Always Faithful

Semper fi, if this was an earlier time this would be one of the most dreaded battle cries in any field. As it is it is most often simply spoken and deeply felt. It is short hand for the US Marine motto "Semper Fidelis" always faithful. When uttered by a trained marine it means that he or she will be there, where ever there is and what ever happens there. It is a simple oath with a universe of ramifications.

always faithful , we are the largest faternity the world has seen once a Marine always a Marine OOOOOOORAH

Faithful Always

It is short for "semper fidelis," latin for the Marine's motto "always faithful."

As used, it can be a greeting, a farewell, a positive acknowledgement of orders, a declaration of purpose, or as a closing to a conversation.

It is the shortened version of Semper Fidelis, which the other answerers quickly pointed out means Always Faithful. It became the motto of the Marine Corps in 1883

If you will note, the use of the word faith, which denotes a belief, faithful to God, Country, family and the Corps. No wonder the sociaists in the US hate the military, it must be a right wing religious group. I am surprised the ACLU has not sued to have it changed, although I suspect they are smart enough to know you do not want to make an enemy of the Corps.

And on 10 November we will celebrate the 231st birthday of our beloved Corps.

Semper Fi, brothers.

"Semper Fi" means always fa...

double entendre
jarhead love's a-comin

always faithful
semper fi my brothers

Dark Goddess
means Always faithful

John S
Always Faithful.

And to the bozo's who never paid any attention to history class...

Semper Fidelis was adopted about 1883 as the motto of the Corps. Before that, there had been three mottoes, all traditional rather than official. The first, antedating the War of 1812, was “Fortitudine” (“With Fortitude”). The second, “By Sea and by Land,” was obviously a translation of the Royal Marine’s “Per Mare, Per Terram.” Until 1848, the third motto was “To the Shores of Tripoli,” in commemoration of O’Bannon’s capture of Derna in 1805. In 1848, after the return to Washington of the Marine battalion that took part in the capture of Mexico City, this motto was revised to: “From the Halls of the Montezumas to the Shores of Tripoli" – a line now familiar to all Americans. This revision of the Corps motto in Mexico has encouraged speculation that the first stanza of “The Marines’ Hymn” was composed by members of the Marine battalion who stormed Chapultepec Castle.

Ex Air Force/Navy
Always getting messed over.

It's short for "semper fidelis" and it is a Latin term for always faithful.

By now you know.


Thanks for the info about the Marines fighting MONTEZUMA in Mexico. It was a real accomplishment as poor old Montezuma was born in 1480 & died in 1520.

I hope your personnel motto isn't " SEMPER VERITAS "

briang731/ bvincent
It's actually Semper Fidelis, and it means "always faithful"!

This is a rallying cry the Marines picked up in Mexico when they fought the Aztec warrior Montezuma.

tom l
And here all this time I thaught it meant "UP YOURS"

wonder if that generates a few e-mails ,,, LMAO

It's a load of ****. It's to keep the sheep fighting. Try to give them something to believe in. Kind of like the glorification of the national anthem before every sporting event. Get everyone wet and juicy about their country. hahhaa. The terrorists have to get on a canoe and paddle for 100000 miles over the ocean and they think they are protecting freedom??? HAHAHHA. THey're just there to make Bush look and feel proud. Come home and play Xbox and **** your country. They do **** all for you,,.

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