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What happens if Russia invades Britain's territory?
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What happens if Russia invades Britain's territory?

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Have you ever heard the term "SPETSNAZ"?


Barking at the Moon
Unless they attacked by Sea, they would have to cross through Europe.
As we are part of NATO, we should get back up from our Neighbours.
The politicians and diplomatic corp will have their work cut out and if they do their job right in the first place there should never be an invasion in the first place.
If all else fails and they invade, there would be war and Russia still has nuclear weapons. Despite a downsizing in their armed forces, they still have one of the worlds largest armies.
America should come in our side, Chinese will take the Russian side until the end is nigh.

Then we will have a war, and the NATO constitution requires all NATO members to defend each other, so they will also be up against Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, USA, Greece, Turkey, Germany, Spain, Czech, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia!

Why on earth do you think Russia will invade? I thought these daft alarmist ideas were buried years ago.

War. Where did you get that stupid question?

We all get the chance to own a Russian football team!

I would love to know exactly with what they would fight, There navy is still in an extremely poor state

Jane (recognised as the worlds leading knowledge base of militaries around the world) states that at any time under 10 percent of the Russian Navy is ready for sea far less combat operations.

Spetnazs are probably the poorest trained of all major special forces, Just look at their attempts to retake the cinema and the school, A generic UK infantry unit is more than a match for them

How would they get here? They have no aircraft capable or reaching here undetected and their is not a single Russian aircraft that is a match for the equivilent in the RAF

The British armed forces might be smaller but they are at least 20 years ahead in all aspects of Russia, the soldiers,sailors and air force personnel are far better trained and are professionals.

In the UK we have never had officers begging on the streets because they have not been paid until very recently this was a common sight in Russia

And regarding size being everything Just remember the humilation Finland made Russia suffer

ANd if Russia did threaten with Nukes, The UK can quite easily wipe Russia of the face of the earth

Well they have to go through a lot of NATO airspace and ground space to get there, and as an attack on one NATO country is an attack on all, member NATO States will attack them.

Under the old Soviet Communist Order, they never tried it and I seriously doubt if Tsar Putin will attempt it now.

Angel D
They would not succeed

The Ghost
why would they invade? what can we have that they havent got already? how would they get their troops to wherever they are going to invade without crossing someone elses country first?


El Diablo King Of Kings
" They will get there *** kicked"

There are already thousands of foreign troops stationed here. They're Americans. They came as guests but never went home. Haven't they overstayed their welcome?
Would we notice some Russians in our multi-cultural nation?

China declares war on Peru and the Brazilians attack Kenya.


What have they got to gain, they sell us there oil, gas.

What has the UK got to offer other than a over populated island with little of its own natural resources left.

Chris P
there'd be a lot less russians

joe b
I should imagine that nato would step in the breech but nato has not got a good track record of backing the british armed forces so it would be the british forces on their own against the mighty russian bear god help us quick anyone got a russian phrase book

Gunner Reah
I think our armed forces would do well. I wouldn't count on support from the US and would imagine that NATO would collapse after about, umm 5 minutes. 15 Min's without French input.
I reckon we could defend our little Island. We would have to defend Ireland as well and pray that no Euros would let Russia stage in their countries for us to have a chance.
You pathetic civilians would suffer though. You could kiss goodbye to your Ipods and lifestyle choices. You would either be growing something or making something for a living. Not sat on your flabby rump in an office. See what your local council has planned for civil defence. It wont be much. At least you will be able to actually count your food miles and the only CO2 produced will be from your breath.

They would lose the War

We would lose the Peace

Get used to the cyrilic alphabet, borscht, and vodka made with potatoes

do anyone think that Britain is strong enough compared to Russia....
there`s no doubted that
Russia will win,hu5x

The current government would ignore it for a bit, consult focus groups, try to blame the 1996 conservative government and then, under pressure, convene a public enquiry with a restrictive mandate. Then, if the public couldn't be distracted by some meaningless speeches or bizarre announcements the treasury would have to be consulted to see how much of a war we could afford. Eventually they'd be forced by international pressure and national shame to take military action and the government would ask the armed forces what capability they had left.........and then? Re-form the Home Guard? Import Polish soldiers?

Who cares as long as they give everybody a case of Vodka.Seriously this will never happen.

FRANK B the famous english one
who Care's everybody else is here the Russians may as well be

2009=Age Of Orton
The British defense is some...if not the best in the world and when the Russian bombers came into British air space the RAF intercepted them in no time.

SPETNAZ vs SAS no contest,SAS win.

Oh and for the people who say the Russians will win,guess who the Russians fear,The British Army baby and history speaks for itself.During the cold war they were going to bomb British troops because they knew they would lose a lot of man power fighting British troops.

Id daub myself in DPM paint, hide in the woods and then leap out and stab people like John J.

Only gillon j seems to be living in the modern world.The USSR has gone and modern Russia has not got the armed forces or capabilities it had.In all out war the three most threatening nations are the USA,UK and France all have trident subs and missles and their combined strength is awesome.All are NATO members and have mutal obligations to defend each other if a country tried to invade any one of them.

All Hell would break lose because the US and the UK have been in alliance for a long time.

A shot at the UK is a shot at the US.

Our militaries work very well together and a force that no sane power would mess with.

Though this is a hypothetical question, it sounds like the responses to when the USA was planning to invade Iraq. How can people be so definite that Russia would lose?

Remember Rumsfeld's six days, six weeks, six months comments? Never underestimate a determined enemy <not calling Russia an enemy of the west>. Look at what Fidel Castro did in Cuba, Afghanistan in war with the USSR, North Vietnam in war with the USA, Great Britain in the Americas, German in WWII, modern day Turkey in WWI.

Conceit seems to be first step towards defeat.

I imagine there would be a war, and spetsnatz is a Russian special forces, very hard special forces in fact, known to be harder than the seals.

alan m
They would get asylum of course.

Ray B. Westerfield
Russia would surly pwn the little brits.

oh well..


hms jollies
most of Europa have signed an agreement with Russia that they will not show force and let them through there borders if they invade it was signed in the cold war era France Germany have signed as most of the other country's UK has not singed as for Russia invading they would not as the Commonwealth would stand for the UK and the USA would come to our Ade as for sputnik's they are the special forces of the Russian armed forces

Russia may have numbers and nuclear powers. But England, we have good men. good well trained men in our airforce, navy, ground units. Numbers ? Technology ? we dont need them. All we need is our men on the ground and places like flying dales to keep the nuclear missiles out

well...here is a thought for you all. Although i do very much back up the non supportive response that everyone has given i do reckon as one person said the end could well be nigh. Russia will never attempt to do this on their own but with the help of a few commie buddies over that way they would know full well that we would be left in a defensive position only as there would be far to much ground to be able to launch an attack, now, i did mention about commie buddies, allow me to explain this one...with the current unrest (although thats nothing new) throughout the middle east, shifts of power and other crazy leaders in the run up, when we look at places such as Iran, hostile to the west and good buddies with Russia and also Yemen and any terrorist group that hates the west...these people have the potential to completely destabilise the middle east, should this happen we loose a lot of fuel which lets face it is needed in war to make things go forward or for the french...in reverse. that is only one immediate shortfall, secondly our allies out there will be very quick to fob us off to save their own a****. now when you look at what would be worst case scenario and as i believe the only way this would happen, we now have not only Russia but effectively Asia and on the back bone of that uprising you can almost predict the involvement of some countries from south america such as argentina. now to list everyone i can see as a major adversary: Russia-nuclear capability China-nuclear capability North korea-nuclear capability not to mention Chinas massive naval capabilities and several hundred thousand strong army, if anything i believe that the Chinese are more of a threat than the others. if China and North korea get involved then that would take america out of the picture for saving our little island nation. within the first few days most of eastern europe would collapse as they do not support a very strong military between them and lets face it, theres no way we could ever go on the attack with our allies, there would be too much ground to cover leaving flanks exposed + with their combined nuclear arsenal we wouldnt know a great deal about a war going on anyway...we'd be dead. so the short answer you were maybe looking for is no, Russia will not invade the UK and if they did...my grans got her handbag and walking stick ready!

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