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What happens if you become injured during Army basic training?
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What happens if you become injured during Army basic training?


You are sent home with a medical discharge.

you get recycled which means you get to keep on going in basic but you are on a profile which means you dont get to the physical training until you heal and then you have to start where you stopped you can still graduate but it will take you longer and probably wont graduate with the people you started with. but you still have the chance to complete it.

they will keep you back until you are healed, then integrate you into another company that is at the same phase you were in when you got hurt.

rarely, if you are REALLY hurt badly but are expected to fully recover, just not quickly, you will be sent home to recover.. BUT you are STILL IN and MUST return to finish. or of you are broken, you will be discharged.

Alex E
You have the medical treatment necessary and then you will be able to finish the rest of the course! I am about to take one.

In 2001 at Fort Jackson I developed multiple stress fractures and cracks in both shins. I was able to finish BCT, but not graduate with my platoon because I was unable to run to pass the last P.T. test (required before you go to AIT). From there I was sent too PTRP (Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Program). At Jackson PTRP is at the opposite end from the new recruit reception barracks and right next to the drill sergeant school. It is the same place where new recruits go if they are unable to pass the initial P.T. test before they move on to a BCT unit.

It used to be that you would stay at P.T.R.P. until they cleared you from your injury to go and do the P.T. test. Once cleared you are given four tries. If you fail all four times you get sent home with an Honorable Discharge, but with the narrative box on your DD214 stating "Unstatisfactory Performance" and a Re-entry code "3" which deems you unable to even think of talking to another recruiter, regardless of branch of service, for a minimum of two years.

The upside of P.T.R.P. is that you come out of there stronger than you went in and when you're recycled back to a BCT unit your P.T. is much easier for you than it is everyone else that didn't go to P.T.R.P. at all. If you are injured severly enough you may get convalescent leave to help with your recovery (great for morale, too). Many are discharged from P.T.R.P. because of poor attitude and/or the desire to continue on fades the longer you stay there. You start showing any of that then the drill sergeants will motivate you when you don't want the motivation.

So, while in BCT you better NOT injure yourself. The saying we had in P.T.R.P. when I was there was "P.T.R.P. is NOT the Army." You stay positive, concentrate on your P.T. and life will be great once you're out of there.

Depending on the injury they send you back home or send you back to reception untill you get better and get back to training... Also they start at the week you left off... So don't listen to ppl that tell you YOU WONT PASS, cuz that's not true... The other thing that can happen is you might get discharged, but it all depends on how bad your injury is...

If you get injured in Basic, you go to sick call and get a temporary profile. If it's something that causes you to miss too much time or too many events, you get recycled to another company that's behind yours in training. If it's really serious, you can get chaptered out or med boarded.

So far, so good on the answers. They allow your injuries to heal, while excusing you from some training, which you will have to complete later. It will take you longer to graduate. Which is why I, and others in my platoon, didn't report the injuries until we got to AIT.

John V
Back in 1970, I pulled both achilles tendons in bayonet training, I was in my 5th week of basic at Ft. Jackson, I tried to hide it knowing full well I would be way behind, Finally had to go to doctor, they bandaged them and kept me in training, Just barely made it and severely painful, but I wanted to finish the hell.

it depends on the extent of the injury. If its something you can work thou like a twisted ankle or pulled muscle you are just put on profile and you continue to drive on. If you break a bone you will be placed on medical hold and allowed the bone to heal and you continue basic. If it is something that will DQ you from the military then you go to a board and get a medical discharge.

J.B. K
u go to the hospital run by the Army -- called national health care

They fix you up, and you take longer to get through basic. If you are injured to the point that you cannot continue in the military, then they send you home with a medical discharge and you get Veteran's Benefits.

I dont think you would get the purple heart and meet the president.

You cant touch this
Exactly what you agreed to happen when you agreed to join.

Then you won't pass basic training.

stephen knuckles
I was hurt by my drill sergant he caused me to spend time in the hospital twice. We were doing an exercise and he caused me to hurt my back and leg. He showed up at the hospital. And said you just got yourself a first class ticket home. Well I've had a bad back and have walked with a limp for over 30yrs. This happened in 1977 his there anything I can do now. A friend of mine also was mistreated by this drill sergant. And its the truth he died during basic training! And this drill sergant told his family he would have been a great soldier. We both endedup with some kind of sickness we were both in the hospita for a week or two! We were on medical and he made him do pushups anyway! He never got up off the pavement. He died that day I knew the drill sergant killed him he told me it could happen to me to. These are facts that can be proven. Let me know what you think.

My son received four fractures in the pelvic area at Fot Jackson during basic training. They are trying to take a short and just discharge him. What is the Army reg number to help with this situation so he can stay in and get treatment until it heals?

My son was injuried while he was still in reception in BT. He was not given medical attention until almost a month later and they knew he was injuried from day one. His rotator cuff is torn and now the Army is giving him a medical discharge without surgery. Does this mean he will have to pay for his surgery once he gets home and can he rejoin once he heals?

I just found out my daughter hurt her knee at Ft. Jackson and they want to do a medical discharge. Should I tell her to refuse it and have her make them send her to P.T.R.P?

My 18 yo is in basic. Unfortunately he got hurt last week. they believe that he has stressed his thigh muscle. they are taking xrays today. how can I find out what the diagnosis is and what happens now. I understand that he might be recycled but how will that work. he is a senior in high school in September.

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