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What happens if you dont show up for bootcamp?
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What happens if you dont show up for bootcamp?

i sign up for the army a couple months ago. and i need to go to basic tranning next week. i dont want to go. i am 20 years old last time i run a milie was in sophmore year of high school like 4 years ago.m what should i do.


You don't have to go. There aren't any real consequences for soldiers in training, although they will definitely threaten you and I wouldn't expect your recruiter not to call, repeatedly. If your run is the only thing stopping you, I'd say go for it anyway. I hated running the entire time I was in basic training, but when I went to AIT, things were totally different. For the first time in my entire life, I actually enjoyed it. But nothing bad will result from you not going, except maybe a pissed off recruiter.

You guys are ALL wrong, He is NOT committed and will NOT go to jail. Don't answer questions you dont know the answer too. He will not be AWOL. Gawd.

You might get the "boot"

HAHAHAHHA get it? Like it's BOOT camp and you get the BOOT?
Ha i crack myself up!

The Bricklayer
Either start exercising,
or admit that you are a spineless,unreliable whingeing little girl

Shouldnt have signed up bud.. :( your going to be awol and they might throw you in jail or something

Good luck with that.

You fumbled my Torpedo
They send people around to your house or place of work to enquire as to your location, all friendly-like and plain clothes.

they will come after you and charge you with AWOL. You can't just "not show up" because you took the oath.

Don't worry about not being able to run very well now. You will learn the hard way in boot camp. It will be tough, but you will survive and be stronger for it. I couldn't run very well either when I joined the USMC at 25 years old. But I learned really quick and I was in the best shape of my life.

Don't wuss out. You have a commitment to your country. Be a man, grow a pair and follow through. You will be fine.

Cash Money
hahah go to mexico :)

Simple Answer - Punishment for you

Booger Butt
you get arrested as being AWOL..not good

that dude
I think you have to go. If you dont then you could be in some serious trouble. You already made the oath right? That stuff is serious you shouldnt have dont that if you arent sure about it. I guess go to your recruiter and see if he can sort it out. if not then you best go

Karl de jew
Bad things will happen just pray the don't get really pissed and charge you for deserting

im pretty sure that if you did not sware in then your good.. but if you swore in the the army and u dnt show up im pretty sure u can get in a lot of trouble

Your scared of joining the Army!!! That's cake. I'm not going to give you advise just because I am a Marine and the Army is nothing to compare us to.

you will go to jail

The military is not in the business of spending money on new recruits and not getting anything in return. If you signed the papers you better show up to ship out or you most definitely be prosecuted by the military. There is a reason people tell others thinking about joining to think long and hard about it, it's a big decision and should be handled that way. And if you are scared that BCT will be really tough, you are right! But you wouldn't be the first person to have second thought. Just get in as good of shape as you can before you ship and you will be fine.

damien n
dude just chill out about it just if you feel you have some fat on you just go run or work out before they come to you.and when they take you youll be ready so yeah just work out thats all i can tel you

The government will put a warrant out for your arrest.

If you signed the papers you have just entered into a legally binding contract. You may have a shot if you go to Canada, but you would have a rough time getting employment if they run a background check.

You could always try talking to your recruitment officer, though I doubt you will make any headway.

I don't want to judge, but out of personal curiosity, what were you thinking when you signed???

Don't listen to these people.

If you signed up for the DEP program , then you can back out at any time. Just write a letter to the recruiting command saying that you have changed your mind and also tell your recruiter. Don't just not show up. If you don't show up then you get dropped from DEP and nothing happens.

You aren't truly in the Army until you go to MEPS again and take your second oath of enlistment, sign your contract and ship to boot( usually all on the same day)

You will be considered a DEP loss and the only concequences are that you may require a waiver to join the Army if you change your mind and decide to join later. It isn't even a real discharge.

Hope you make the right decision for you. Joining the Army is a big step.

You are committed. If you do not show up, you will go to jail most likely. If you get stopped for a speeding ticket, broken taillight, etc you will be found. Why risk it?

Do you have a really good reason not to show up? You are not likely to go into combat any time soon, and Iraq is winding down. If you do have a good reason, like your elderly parent just got really sick or disabled, they the gov't may let you out for humanitarian reasons, or for convenience of the government.

Go in, and then just do your best. You may actually like doing all those things others dream about.

Well No boot camp = probably no service.

2 soldiers will come to your house and rape you.

re-sign a contract, go reserves. If you love it go active, if its okay, stay reserve. Its the best option.

I seriously hope you are kidding...that wouldn't be a noble thing to commit youself in doing.

If you perform "no show/no go"...then you'll be getting a first-class ticket to the 'forced' enjoyment of pounding boulders, into smaller boulders, into cobbles, into smaller cobbles, into rocks, into smaller rocks, into gravel, into smaller gravel, into granules, into smaller granules, into sand, and into smaller sand. What we know as the Brig!

Best that you start running and "enjoy" it!

...if still planning on committing yourself to AWOL/UA, then look into a mirror and tell yourself that you are a worthless, pathetic excuse and mistake of being a soldier, you showed that you haven't the guts to do what you thought you did have. No self-pride, no discipline, nothing really. I do not like people who quit before they even began anything...that is what weakens Our Nation. If you persist on quitting, go to Mexico or somewhere that doesn't want to put up with lazies.

BHO bows to muslims
your cover is blown, everyone will know that you're a liberal.

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