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What is the cut off age for joining the Army?
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What is the cut off age for joining the Army?

I'm tired of working dead end jobs. Since I graduated college, I have been completely unsuccessful in finding a job that is within my field that doesn't pay in peanuts. Now I'm slaving away in a hospital, doing an irrelevant clerk job. I'm 32 years old. I can run 2 miles straight without stopping. I just finished a half marathon (13.1 miles) in 2:12 minutes. I'm in pretty good shape. What is the cut off age for the military? I just want to do something that is meaningful. Friends that I've known who joined became black hawk pilots, mechanics for tanks and other machinery and other valuable skills. I push papers for hells sake. If I went into a recruiting office, would they turn me away?


SSG U.S Army
You are qualified at 32. As long as you meet the physical and moral qualifications, you should be good to go. Just realize that you may be working for a 21 year old Sergeant.


36 is the age limit but recently they have been exceeding recruiting goals and denying people often.

it is 41. Just go to GOArmy.com and look it up.

Tom p strait G
Nah man do it.... Ill see you there

John G
Age 50 - if you are a Doctor, Nurse or Catholic Priest.

Just go to a recruiter and ask - I'm sure they will take you.

40....but starting out as a raw recruit would be tough for anyone over 30.

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