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What is the difference between a general and brigadier general?
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What is the difference between a general and brigadier general?

what is the difference between a general and brigadier general? and how high are these ranks? sorry, i really don't know anything about military ranks...


A general has 4 stars in his chest. A brigadier general only has 1 star.

General - 4 Stars
Liutenant General - 3 Stars
Major General - 2 Stars
Brigadier General - 1 Star


1 star= Brigadier General
2 star= Major General
3 star= LT General
4 star= General

The difference is 3 pay grades. A 1 star is an O-7 and a 4 star is an 0-10. More importantly that that is the type of commands they have. A 1 star is usually the 2nd in command of a Division, a 2 star is a Division Commander, a 3 star is a Corp Commander, and a 4 star can command an Army. Also depending on the size of base can determine the rank of the base commander. Some small installations might be commanded by a Colonel which is below a General but some bases like Fort Bragg for example are commanded by a 3 star General. It also worth noting that at any time 1 4 star General holds the rank of Chief of Staff, in the Army and Air Force, or Commandant of the Marine Corps, and for the Navy the Equivalent is an Admiral. One 4 star also holds the position of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff and is the senior ranking Officer in the military.
For more information here is a good link:

Basically, three pay grades.

It's the seventh highest commissioned officer in the Army, Marines and Air Force. (In the Navy it's called Rear Admiral.)

Above that rank are Major General, Lieutenant General, and General.

3 stars

Be my litel general 07 brigadier general 08 major general and 09 is lt general and 10 is a general these men are at the top of the food chain so to speak

Be My Little General
B- Brigadir General - 1 star
M- Major General - 2 star
L- Liuttenant General - 3 Star
G- General - 4 Star
There are many 1 star generals but only one 4 star

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