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What is the most effective killing weapon ever?
Find answers to your legal question.

What is the most effective killing weapon ever?

As in if 100 people without weapons were running at you from a mile away what could wipe all of them out ( no chemical anythings, things like a shotgun but more high tech)


Metal Storm!

Watch the video clip on this link.


Naked Bush lap dancing..

A hundred hungry lions.

The tongue is the most deadly my friend.

A microphone in the hand of Bush

tankbuff, 19 violations so far
ill take the good oll call .50 heavy machine gun. it doesn't matter if there are 5 rows of people or even more the rounds just go trough them all as it will go trough a big block Chevy engine it has no problem with a few body's after each other.

ann m
human beings./ MAN.....

Mack 11

kp in seattle
oprah laying down a big ol' fart

Laser which are used for destroying incoming missiles in military.

Sid B
Either of high calibre machine guns or mortars would do the job easily.

ur a Dee Dee Dee
a really good sniper with lots of ammo

My bare hands.

against 100 fat americans I would use a flamethrower to make their lard combust.

Why? What did I do?

Sorry man, I don't know. lol.

Paris Hilton?

A radio. You call in and direct fire support ie. fighters, bombers, field artiliery, or mortars.

An Angry Marine.

sky r
i think a heartfelt smile

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