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What normally happens if you test positive on a random drug test in the army?
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What normally happens if you test positive on a random drug test in the army?

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British Army - Private


They tell your buddy to piss in a cup for you because they ain't lookin to kick anyone out right now. Let's hope your buddy doesn't smoke buddha, and that you're not called upon to be the buddy pisser.

Mike R
Dishonorable discharge in most cases i have heard of

S Csparky
your out on you A**

You will do a few months in colchester then you will be discharged dishonourably.

you get arrested thrown out of the army with a dishonorable discharged and thrown in prison.

First test -- You get retested to verify the validity of the first test.

Second test -- This depends on your rank. Punishments vary. It's usually more severe the higher up you are. Definitly not like the outside world.

you get voted president of the USA twice

In the USA it's like this-E1 to E4; Article 15, fine, extra duty, Reduction of pay grade, drug and alcohol counseling.
E5 and up: Pack your S.H.I.T, cause you are all done Baby!!!

Steve F
Court Martial

"The Army policy on illegal drugs is quite clear - they are incompatible with military service and will not be tolerated.

Automatic discharge

The Royal Highland Fusiliers were last compulsory drug tested in June 2006, when only one sample came back positive.

But the MoD stressed that statistics underline drug misuse is less prevalent among service personnel than among civilians.

Positive rates in the Army over the last four years averaged around 0.7%, compared with more than 5% in civilian workplace drug testing programmes in the UK, according to a spokesman.

The soldiers were caught earlier this year when the barracks was sealed off and drug testing carried out company by company.

It is understood one soldier is facing an automatic discharge because he tested positive on a previous occasion, while the remainder are fighting to save their careers.

Mary D
Pissing hot...not a good thing. You'll get a dishonorable discharge. Guess what, that will affect your credit rating, and will be on all records for job interviews and such. If you did this, good job at ruining your life to get high.

I will be Sacked or fired :)

well my son's father got an dishonorable discharge. And that is not a good thing. Plus it also depends on what drugs you come up postive for too. Because with pot my ex tested three times positive and then was sent for treatment than got pissed again and came up hot for coke. And was thrown out. You only get the times to comes up hot

the sack i reckon

Secondary drug test to insure the first was correct and that poppy seeds in your diet weren't showing a false positive for opium.

Then expulsion I assume

not singing the yahoo tune
you should be facing F252 actions

your out dishonorably disharged, as you should be

you get kicked out

Mike T
Instant dismissal. No references supplied by your Comanding Officer. Seen it happen a few times!

instant dishonerable discharge. unlucky dude! u leave without your pension :(

Just Me
It's the brig for you!!

Usually the drug is marijuana. The punishment is demotion usually not get kicked out.

u get chucked out i guess

francis f
depending on the level in your system and the type of drug it can range from garrison nick to colchester to discharge so if your a smack head your looking at a few months colly then discharge

If a serving soldier tests positive for drugs in the British Army, I believe there is a set procedure to be followed which might also include a dishonourable discharge.

c-n-s ok
Hope for one havent taken anything.

It depends what it is however, peolpe go to Colchester MCTC, and soldier on, some go and then get discharged.

But in opinion if you take drugs, you should be shot, because i want trust you next to me or anyone else.

95% of the answers are correct in some way. You can get CDT'd at any given time. The results come back to the CO. Once he has them the guilty soldiers are either discharged from the Army instantly or given a second bite of the cherry and informed do it again and your out There is no detention given unless you are investigated for supplying with intent if you are one of the user who were caught. It does not depend on the type of drug you have in your system. Drugs are drugs. Why I say this is because when you are first tested you are quite clearly asked have you taken any drugs in the last 30 days, this means any drugs including prescribed drug by the MO, because these do show up on the test. As for getting re-tested, this will only happen if there is doubt or abnormality. Hope this clears that up.

After a period in detention they call you mister and send you home, at your expense!

Think it depends on what drug was found in the system british army pretty hard on drug users.

you are in the s""it.
dishonourable discharge if your lucky.
military prison if your unlucky.

Recently i have heard of people deliberately failing tests to get out.

As the state is such a nanny these days that nothing really bad will happen to you.

I have heard that now it is possible that you will be given a second chance as there are so many getting kicked out.

Long story short, no matter how stupid you are, you knew what the policy was when you joined. No drugs.

If you can't follow simple instructions then you shouldn't be in in the first place.

If you say all your mates are doing it, get different mates, they don't get paid what you do, and don't have the career and pension that you have access to.

There, rant over.
If that's the plan, do your time, put in your notice and get out. Then get off your t1ts as much as you like.

i got out on a general discharge for failing a drug test. also i got 45 and 45, lots of extra duty and restriction to post.

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