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What time is 20:30 in military time?
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What time is 20:30 in military time?

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Here's an easy way to understand the 24 hour clock:

For any time higher than 12:00, subtract 12:00.

So, subtract 12:00 from 20:30 to get 8:30.

Jerry C
8:30 pm

john r

8:30 pm.

Robert R
8:30 PM.

You simply subract 12 for numbers about 12:00.

20:30 is military time. So 20:30 in military time would be 20:30.

Right...? I dunno lol.


8:30 PM

8:30 Pm

Kimberly S

8:30 pm.

8:30 pm

20:30 is the military time equal to 8:30pm civilian time

8:30 PM... just deduct 12 hrs from 20...

For military time, always deduct 12:00 so the answer is 8:30 pm.

8:30 PM



Yσυтυвє κıd
8.30. That''s true. Count it like this.

Count starting at 12 until you reach 20. What was left? 8. 8+30 = 8:30!!!! =]

Have a Good Day! =D

Police Officer
ok, so u dont ask again and waist ur time, heres a tip. ..
always subtract 12 from whatever the military time is and u'l get ur regular time..

23:00 -12=11pm
21:00-12= 9pm
1700 -12= 5pm
1500-12= 3pm..
and so on

It is 8:30 pm

that would be 8:30 subtract 20:30 by 12 military time has a 24 hour format unlike what we use everyday we use the 12hour time format.

minus 12 from military time to get reg. time
20:30-12:00= 8:30

Stephen K
8:30 pm

8:30 PM

any time you see a number over 12 just subtract 12 from it to get the time

15:30 - 12 = 3:30

8:30 PM. Just subtract 12 from the hours, and if the original time is more than 12 (in your example, it's 20), then the time is PM. If less than 12, you don't need to subtract 12, and the time is AM. 0:00 is midnight....

Francis Bacon 1626
It is exactly 8:30p.m. in standard time.

yah all of them are correct!

20:30 is in military time, also known as the 24 hour clock.In the 12 hour clock it will be 8:30 P.M.

8:30 PM

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