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What will happen if you dont pass your pt test do you get to take it over or do you not get into the army?
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What will happen if you dont pass your pt test do you get to take it over or do you not get into the army?


heather s
You'll be held back (either in the inprocessing battalion, or in basic, depending on which test you don't pass). Don't worry too much, though. Just work hard, and don't get complacent about PT. I'm the least athletic person I know, but as long as my unit did good PT and I put a lot of effort into it, I was able to pass. Good luck to you!

Miss Fix It
Plenty of people start off in the Army not being able to run a lap, let alone a two-mile. Get to the track or the gym, drink water and eat your veggies, and you'll do fine.

☆★ ArmyWife ★☆
My recruiters lied about my pt test so I could get in. I didn't even take one.

Once you're in the army, all the stuff they make you do makes it pretty easy to pass. Only the last PT test counts in order to graduate basic training. And even if you don't pass the last one, you just keep trying until you do.

It depends on where you go to basic, your chain of command within your training unit, etc. For example, I went to basic at Ft. Jackson. We did an initial diagnostic PT test test known as a "1-1-1" (one minute of push-ups, one minute of sit-ups, and a timed one mile run) and half of the company failed miserably (myself included). However, no one was put in a PT Unit (aka: Fat Camp). However, with the same battalion, another company sent all it's 1-1-1 failures to fat camp. You go there for 2 weeks until you can pass your 1-1-1.
Now if you fail a PT Test while on active duty in the army, you have 90 days retest and pass. If you fail 3 PT Test with little or no improvement, the rule of thumb is to begin a chapter packet, but this is again dependent on so many x factors such as how badly you failed, your chain of command, unit SOP, etc etc


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