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When can you live off base in the military?
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When can you live off base in the military?

Additional Details
My boyfriend is waiting to leave boot camp he graduates May 21st. Then he is off the "A" school in Texas for 2 months. After that he will get his first station. When that happens he wants me to move in with him and eventually marry me. So is that possible as an E-2?


Which branch? Then you could be told specific pay grade.

SIngle it's generally when you reach NCO. Unless you have special permission to do otheriwse. Like if they run out of room this sometimes happens. You may also single if you have a dependent that lives with you.

Married you can do so after basic training and MOS school. When you reach your first duty station.

Edit- If you are planning on getting married anyway I would suggest doing it before he leaves. You will get an ID and insurance while he is at basic and A school. Then when he gets his duty station they will either move you or pay to move you, your choice. As married you guys will be guaranteed to live on post (if space is avaible) or off post with a housing allowance.

it depends
my fiance lives off base and he's an E4
he had to get permission from his commander to live off base
he's been off base for almost 2 months now

usually its E5 and higher, but it really does depend


When you are married or if single when you reach NCO status!

Not likely has an E2 until he is married. He will not qualify for BAH.

All he can do is ask his chain of command. Usually if they are hurting for space in the barracks/dorms they start with the senior ranking first.

If you aren't married before he gets to his first duty station keep in mind you will have to pay your own moving expenses etc.

alexander m
you can right off the bat if you want. you'd have to pay for it out of your own pocket though. if you mean when do u start to draw bah, depends on where your stationed. some hospitol units draw it right off the bat. MOST units however you'll get BAH at either e-5 or e-6 or whenever you get married.

For the Navy it is E5 or higher in order to live off base before marriage and get BAH w/o dependents. If he is based on a ship then he will sleep on the ship. He can spend some nights at your place if you live there but he will not get BAH to help with the rent. They will also not pay to move your things there, you will not qualify for housing, you will not have base access unless you are married. He can also get orders to an overseas (OCONUS) location for 2 years and he wont live off base then either.

Crys G
My fiance is in the Air Force, and just made Senior Airman. They were already planning to allow him to live off base, but the fact that we are getting married really soon kinda seals the deal. He also has a few buddies there with him that aren't married and live off base. The reason for them being allowed to do so is because they have dependents. Check into it by asking someone else who is in the military, or if you are, then ask your superior to specify.

When you are married or you become E-5 or above.

EDIT: You will have to get married first, then move in with him. As long as there is no marriage certificate, he will be in the barracks. Good luck

when you are married or e6 or higher

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