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When using the priority mail boxes sending to military in afghanistan, do I need a customs form?
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When using the priority mail boxes sending to military in afghanistan, do I need a customs form?

I normally send a "plain" box to my boyfriend in Afghanistan, After reading the message boards, i started using the priority mail boxes from the Military care kit. The postal worker said that I didn't need a customs form, Is that correct, i have always had to use one before.


Yes you will need to fill out the white customs form, including his address, your address and a general idea of what is in the box. IT is required for all boxes going overseas weighing over 2 lbs

I've always had to use a customs form when sending something to military overseas.

Yes, everything going to Iraq or Afghanistan or anywhere else overseas requires a customs form. However you will only pay the same rate as if you were shipping anywhere else in the USA.

crash and burn
The postal worker is not correct. You HAVE to have a customs form when sending any package overseas. If not the people at customs have no idea what is in the box and it may or may not be opened and inspected which could result in him never getting the package or items may go missing.

yes customs forms are still required.

It's What Plants Crave
Yes, but if you are mailing from a military base you can send MPS free of charge. You need customs form on everything that is going over seas or to a different country.

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