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When you go AWOL/Desertion is the discharge always dishonorable?
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When you go AWOL/Desertion is the discharge always dishonorable?


John H
If you are convicted of going AWOL/deserting and the punishment for that offence includes discharge from the service then yes I think the discharge would be dishonourable.

However it is possible that the sentence would not include discharge. If this was the case then you would continue in the service, after serving whatever punishment was administered, and your subsequent discharge would not necessarily be dishonourable.

Any conviction of a serious offense, and for the military there is none more serious than desertion, mandates a dishonorable discharge, after the sentence is completed.

Umm yeah... You deserted them.. What would you expect?

AWOL and desertion are two different things. If the personnel returns to their post and is tried and acquitted or no charges are filed, they may receive an honorable or other than honorable discharge later, if they are court martialed and convicted then their discharge is always dishonorable.

DUH, I wouldn't worry about the dishonorable discharge. Jail time is your bigger problem.

What do you think desertion means? Do you expect a party thrown in their honor? They are probably lucky that they weren't shot for doing that.

LOL Can you think of something honourable about that? I don't think so.

Not always --- if a person has been AWOL for less than thirty days, it is in his/her best interest to either report back to their unit or turn themselves in to authorities. When under thirty days, the punishment may be a field-grade Article 15, 45 days extra duty/restriction and reduction in rank. But staying in the military is a possibility.

If the service member has been AWOL for more than thirty days, he becomes a deserter and a Dishonorable Discharge is almost certain.

Desertion in a time for war can be punishable by death, pretty cool huh. Good Luck, If you are AWOL then you or whoever you know that is AWOL is a weak sissy girl.


i think so

AWOL or Absent without leave is when they are gone under 30 days and is usually punished by NJP (Non Judicial Punishment) i.e. a fine. Desertion, however is over 30 days and is punishable by Court Martial.Since there are 3 different Courts Martial the punishment increases with each court.

Yeah it's me Susie

The only exception is if you were mentally unstable at the time (and can prove it) then it can be honorable.
Also it can be less then honorable if you did it in a moment of extreme distress and you kiss alot of but later on.
It also depends on which branch of service you are in

Jay B
I have seen a hundred and one different outcomes from AWOL/Desertion. Honestly, majority of the cases have not been through courts martial. If you have been absent for less than 30 days then you are more likely to be giving the option of non-judicial punishment, an Article 15 which can be one or all of the following. Forfeiture of pay, loss of rank, extra duty, and restriction to a post. If you decline the Article 15 your case will be seen in a Military Court and you will more then likely receive a Dishonorable Discharge. Sometimes when the individual returns, the punishment will vary, depending on the persons chain of command, and the individuals past performance. If the individual was a hard worker and always tried his or her best, then the chain of command might be more lenient. On the other hand if the person was a complete dirt bag then the person can count on a harsh punishment.
If you have been gone for more then 30 days you will be dropped from the unit rolls, then you are considered a deserter and during a time of war it is punishable by death. If you show a clear intent to remain then you can be considered only AWOL and deal with the non judicial punishment, if not you will deal with a courts-martial. The fact is that the U.S. has not put anyone to death for desertion since 1945. I have seen people return and their chain of command initiated a Chapter which the person is discharged administratively, which normally is a General Discharge, sometimes an Other than Honorable Discharge. So the Answer to your question is, no it not always a dishonorable discharge for AWOL/Desertion

if you are in the army they will most likely give you an option to stay and accept a feild grade article 15 in leuw of a court marshall. All you would have to do is 45 days restriction and extra duty. you would also forfeight half a months pay for two months. if you didnt want to except the article 15 you would be tried by court marshall and if convicted face one year in jail and a dishonorable discharge. i believe that is the max punishment.


My daughter's father went AWOL from the ARMY in April. I stopped receiving child support, none for May and June, then in July and August I did receive the child support. I just received a letter from child support enforcement stating he is no longer in the service, not sure if he was arrested, court martialed, ect. Can I get this information and how? also, I am wondering if the Army will continue paying the court ordered child support or not. Any answers will help tremendously!!!!

To answer this question from a personal point of view i was in the army was spose to be sent over sees to my duty station and i found out that my son was taken away from his mother and was going to be put in a foster home i contacted my new base and the told me i had to come there when i was spose to but if i did that i would have missed the court date in my home state for my son. Not feeling i had a choice i didnt report to my base when i was spose to and stayed to deal with the problems with my son. due to the fact i was between stations they never knew i was gone. I ended up being gone for 2 years and never did they find out i was gone till i went back to take care of the situation. I was discharged with out going to court and was given a general under honerable conditions discharge due to the reasons i left. being young and scared and honestly stupid i didnt do the right thing but had a good record in the military before i left so honestly its really up to your CO if he or she is nice and understanding about your reasons to leave then they can give you what ever discharge they want to give you. I think i was luck and most people dont get it. But my advice is GO BACK before they catch you it looks better on you that way. i know you can turn your self in at ft.knoxs in KY good luck hope this helps!

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