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Which branch of the United States Armed Forces is the best to join?
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Which branch of the United States Armed Forces is the best to join?


My father-in-law joined the Air Force to see the world, and got stuck in Omaha. Me, I went Navy. Good training and lots of travel.

Any branch you join is good, though. Talk to the recruiters, but don't let them sign you up quite yet. Talk to people you know that were in the military, and ask them about the stuff the recruiter talked to you about. This was actually the biggest reason I picked the Navy. The recruiters gave me the least amount of BS of all the one's I saw.

Air Force.

It depends on what you want to do with your service and how you want to live. I am an 18 year Air Force Veteran (and still going). I know there are GREAT things all of them do and GREAT pride in each. Ask yourself what you want and what you want to give? Then decide!

If you are lazy, unmotivated, a drunk or drug user, just don't even apply. (Please pass THAT on!)

Let me add that most of you forget or don't know that Air Force men and women are pulling 25% of convoy duty in Iraq, so not the "Chair Force" of the 1980s!!!

Air Force.

depends on your asvab score. if you scored high, the branch with the best quality of living is the Air Force.

mr green
if you want to fly airplanes...join the air force. they have all the airplanes.

if you like boats and ships and the ocean and stuff like that...then join the navy.

if you want to fly helocopters then join the army. they have all the helocopters.

if you want to be the first in combat, first to fight, recognized the world over as the supreme fighting organization in the world....then join the US Marines.

If you choose not to join the Marines, that's OK. If everyone joined the Marines, we wouldn't be "The Few, The Proud!!!"

Good Luck...

Dont believe the Air Force people, well unless you want to stay a E4 forever. What the heck did that dude mean " when your scores are high enough join the AF" are you saying that the army soldiers are stupid? They let you choose the field "such as work with computer" but not a specific job.
The army is your best bet. Because only them will let your choose your job

Don't join, you don't have too! If you do decide the don't join the Marines or Army

Join the Air Force

aka "The first ones to go, the last to leave (the first to die)."

Marines, definitely. They are "the few, the proud" for a reason. They are the best for combat purposes, and the most elite of the four.

P.S. Ignore those morons who say not to join at all. They're just jealous because they couldn't join the military if they tried.

What about the coast guard?

The king
Donot worry you will be kill in any branch since Bush making war all places


But if you are really really interested: Airforce

none! go to collage

Go to college join ROTC, taht will enable you to become an officer. Then there is only one choice. Marines.

Depends on what you want and how well you score on the ASVAB. If quality of life is what you want the Air force is the way to go with out question! It's like a civilian with a blue uniform it's not a hard life. If you like to flop around on the ocean join the Navy be warned it's a hard life. If you like to work hard pay is not important and you want to be fit join the Marines (I did) be warned it is a hard life. The Marines is like no other, a band of brothers, you'll feel like your a part of something very unique and you will. Join the army if you like to work in huge units again be warned it's a hard life. My personal opinion go to collage, Hope this helps you out!

A member of a particular branch will tell you that theirs is the best.

But unless they are a Marine, they would be incorrect.

OK they all r good cause we need one to combine the other now it depends what u like if u like air computers air force,if u like land sand dust walking a lot hike army,if u like sea marines, now is up to u but ones u pass the test u pass u can join which ever u want.

The army is the best.

The quality of living is equal and if not better than the air force

You chose your own job (212 to chose from)

Promotion rate in the Army is the best and quickest (depending on how motivated you are) ask any branch recruter.

Pay is all the same.

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