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Which branch of the armed forces would you reccomend enlisting into?
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Which branch of the armed forces would you reccomend enlisting into?

Im 21 years old with 12 credits of college. I've been debating over air force, coast guard, and marines. I have 4 MIP(alchohol), disorderly conduct(refused a breathalizer) and obstructing justice(told a cop i was 21).... i realize this may be a problem... moral of standards might not work? Any information/suggestions would be great


i would recommend you talk to all the recruitors, candidly discus your background, your concerns, ask what they think about whether your background would keep you from enlisting, get some literature on various career possibilities, take them home, and think them over, and take your time. I am a former Marine so I have a bias but I can tell you there are fine people in every branch of service and todays military is top notch. You can't really go wrong no matter what branch you join as long as you are committed to giving 100%. The worst thing you can do is listen to some of the negative advice here bad mouthing the military. Whether you decide to enlist or not good luck. P.S. I hope you realize the military is not a place to run away to escape your problems or a last refuge when you fail. It's where you go when you feel you have something to offer and want to serve your country. One more thing...a lot of people think the air force is a piece of cake...not any more...a lot has changed.

Marines. - Period. I'm a former army ranger, and if you're going to join the military, join the military. The air force and coast guard do not raise to that standard. Get some experience that will change your life, not just give you a paycheck.

Don't worry about your criminal past. As long as they were not felonies or you are not on probation you will be able to join. And its not because they are taking just about anyone right now. This is how it has always been.

Okay, I don't know much about the Coast Guard, but I can give you some insight about the Air Force and Marines.

In either service you can pretty much get the same job except for infantry (that's Marines)

Air Force basic training is shorter and easier. Technical training school is the same, you'll be training with other services.

Marines have a camaraderie that is beyond explanation. "Once a Marine always a Marine" Every man and woman in the Marines is your brother or sister. Its amazing. That alone makes it worth it.

Air Force you are more individualized and well sometimes it is not easy. This is probably why the Air Force has the highest suicide rate. Other services view the Air Force as........well a bunch of pansies. I never quite understood this because we all fight in the same war.

Both Air Force and Marines do physical training, Marines you learn hand to hand combat.....not in the AF.

Anyway, hope this helps.


rj c
Air Force if you test high enough on ASVAB. Gaurantee your job before you enlist.
Navy if you like the sea.
Army and marines if you like hot weather!

you might as well forget the Air Force. I heard the Marines were hiring though and they aren't as discerning.

robert p
Air force.Try not to get in any more trouble.

The Coast Guard. Protect our waters instead of waging wars based on lies.

you may find that none of the services will take you as you have a criminal record

Cabana C
If you can pass the test join the Air Force.


lee a
I think the R.A.F is the best I mean it's clean unlike the army the Territorial army is okay cause you get weekends off but the R.A.F pays a lot more an it's kind to your skin (sometimes)

Well, you should talk to all of the recruiters before joining any single one. At the least, I advise you to complete 15 credits of college before singing up for service, I got in the Marine Corps with a GED and a waiver but they made me take 15 credits first to prove I'm not retarded. As for which service you want to join, that's a complicated question. It helps if you know what you want to do for a career. Maybe you just want to do your 4 or 5 years and then get out. But you should know what Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) you want to do before joining. Remember that your journey in any service will be different that anyone else's that you talk to. For example, I got a high ASVAB score, and I joined the Marine Corps Airwing. My recruiter (just like your's probably will) lied to me and told me I will get a $3k bonus for joining and could be a C-130 Navigator (backup was helicopter crew chief). All I wanted to do was "jump outta planes" and was promised I could do that. Well, ended up a crew chief, flew here and there but was basically an airplane mechanic and never jumped outta anything! But I did work for the presidential helicopter squadron HMX-1 which was a good tour. If you want discipline, go for the Marines. I like the Marines because they really take care of you if you act like a Marine. There's even a website for Marines who are getting out www.m4l.usmc.mil that helps find employment for Marines. I doubt the other branches take care of their own like the Marines, but I'm not saying that the other branches wouldn't be good choices.

ben s
I'm Going Into the U.S. marines soon as i hit 17

Right now the military is taking just about ne one. I saw they took a guy who was autistic and a guy who was half deaf too. I recommend not joining. But I have family in the military and they always told me to join the Air force if I was to join that would be my choice.

Your criminal record won't be a problem at all as long as you are up front about it. Lie and try to hide it and kiss your military service good bye.
The Marines (Aka Jarheads) are fairly hard core, strict, and ridged in their standards. If you are looking to truly push yourself to the limits and devote yourself to a military life style then this should be the branch you chose. This is the most physical intense branch.
The Air Force (Aka Chair Force) is one of the least physically demanding branch. They don't run as much as the Army let alone the Marines. Their rules make them more of a corporation environment then any of the other branches and they place a greater value over all on education. If you think at any point in your life you would like to enlist as an Airman then you should do so first as the Air Force will not take people who have served in other branches. (You can however still join the Air Force Reserves)
If you'd like a happy medium then I'd recommend the Army.
I can not give you any more information on the coast guard.
Speak to recruiters in all the branches and take into account the types of jobs available to you and any enlistment bonus that are being offered. Take your time as they will ALWAYS have room for more people in the armed service.

I don't think any one of them would take you because you have a criminal record. Failure to disclose your criminal record on your application is a federal offense and they do track them down sooner or later and you get seriously penalized.

Hello , Im Half of hearing but little half deaf so im using my hearing aid so if i wonder i can join for US ARMY ?? i could like to join for that and help people .. i do my best , I feel like not fair for that , it not ufo deaf .. it real normal person who is deaf people .. i do good speaker very good.. i do good hunter deer and hearing any sound good and got it walk sound , i can hear far who talking people and who noise follow road .. i could choice for join Us Army

Hello , Im Half of hearing but little half deaf so im using my hearing aid so if i wonder i can join for US ARMY ?? i could like to join for that and help people ..I feeling like not fair for that because not ufo deaf, it real person deaf who is deaf people.. I'm do very good speaker and hearing any talk and make noise ..I'm Hunter Deer .. I do good hear any noise , can far who talk people and noise walk.. well i could my choice join for Us Army and do my best if i pass then proud of myself and history ..

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