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Which countries military is most threatening to the USA?
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Which countries military is most threatening to the USA?

is chinas military a serious threat?


Yes, China is the most feared because of the communist mind set. Individualism in china is seldom thought of so millions view service and honor to their country as their number one goal. The government expects it's citizens to die by the millions for the emperor not like America where we raise each individual as a precious commodity.
About 20 months ago china shot one of its own satellites down using trajectory and range calculations and did it on the first try, they did it to show the U.S. that our military sattelites are just as vulnerable. They also made a comment soon after that they really didn't fear a confrontation with the U.S.
Chinas mindset is you can kill massive numbers of us but not all of us and we will wear you down by attrition....quantity against quality.

No military is a threat to us. We can win any war. Now winning the occupation is a completly different story.
We spend more on our military than the rest of the top ten combined.

Michael H
china and iran

Arizona Girl
China and Russia.

Thought Officer
The United States military.

ohoho, im so clever.

None. The chinese may be 2 billion but their military ain't worth ****. I would be scared of England before anything after all, it has the only Navy fleet that can rival the United States (good thing they are our friends).

European Women rocks


Russia's firepower, China's intelligence. China already owns quite a large bit of US money, and has potential control of our bank system. Start digging for information, it's scary.

I'm back
China's and Russia's, people seem to forget Russia has a nuclear arsenal, that matches ours.

Naomi P
We spend more in the military than any country in the world by far. Half of our budget officially (more unofficially) goes to the military. How much more do we have to spend??

I don't know how much of the whole truth we get, so it's hard to say. China's behavior about the Olympics has really shown how cruel they can be toward people with their threatening attitude and perfectionism. They are also huge in numbers.
I think North Korea is the craziest and now Russia is getting hot under the collar too. then there's the lunatic Iranian government (not the people----the government, let me be clear.) It's a hot topic!!

I am John Galt
Chinas' military is a threat just by pure "boots on the ground". It is a few times larger than ours seeing as every Male in the country has to serve a set amount of time in military no matter what. On the other hand we have a technological advantage...for now.... They are rapidly catching up b/c they have nothing but money to throw at it with us buying all their cheap goods and all major companies there are government owned.

I think a greater threat will come from "rogue" countries like North Korea or terrorist groups rather than the established super powers because the latter fully understand the risk they take if a nuclear war is launched.

Aim High
The U.S. Military is the strongest in the entire world. China outnumbers us, but our technology is the best. We could defeat China and any other adversary...it would just take longer with them and at a greater cost.

China has almost NO Navy. You people don't know what you're talking about. How are they going to get troops to us, by teleporting?

I can only guess and say China. It has a huge military that is well disciplined.

Germany's due lol

Brandon M
NOT A ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

China is one of the main reasons the US developed the F-35 fighter. Also why they're putting more emphasis on long range weaponry. So it's safe to say that they're seen as a valid threat.

well everyhone silently hates us so were about screwed in every direction and china theyre hardcore and the russians are no favoring bombs

Russia ... they still have a huge nuclear arsenal .
China is not a threat , yet.

China. Yes it is a serious threat. The US would ultimately win in a war against China but it would come at great cost.

China, if you don't already know, is high on man power. In fact they bring it when in comes to slave labor. The equipment is new, the men are better trained as they are not in a hurry to enter into a middle-eastern war and they are closer to Russia in case they need to forge an alliance. The Russians are well off. Not to mention they have weapons that US personnel can't use. They lack manpower so as of yet China is looking like a strong contender. I wonder what world war 3 will be like?

Hi everyone viewing this site.
"Most threatening military to USA" is a frivolous question in my opinion, on the contrary, the question should be in this way that "Is there any military of the country, who has ability to face unwarranted military threat of USA?"

However there will be no other military but from the country of Asia and USA should understand in advance and change its policies against the people of great Asia and its countries having ability to become more advanced and developed than USA very soon in future.

China, just by their sheer numbers. They could lose a million infantry, etc... and be unaffected. If they become nuclear capable, they become a loose cannon.
Then comes the rest of the nations that may be small and deemed insignificant, but put nukes in their hands, and woe to us all. It would be like giving a gun to a toddler.
Russia may have the same capability as the US, but they have so few monetary resources, that they are vulnerable to theft or even corrupt individuals stealing or selling their nuclear warheads, that who knows whose hands they will fall into. India and Pakistan have not shown real restraint with nukes.
The problem is, that other countries that have not experienced Nuclear war, have no compunction about using them, because they haven't seen the results of nuclear fallout, and the human toll it takes, or its effects on the planet, or they simply don't care. That is what scares me the most.


Dennis Nilsen
China and Russia.

YOu're our ally! I'm british.

Liberals and Code Pink!!!

Actually I say Iran and North Korea, and China and Russian distant threat. But since the way things have been escalating, I wouldn't be surprised to see an attack from Russia. The don't care about violating NATO, whose to say that they won't violate the UN.

It's China. They are not a threat on the seas yet, but otherwise yes. That's where the U.S. has the upperhand, on the ocean. Russia is out of money right now to modernize. They can barely keep a few subs running without major problems. But they will come back. And China will build its navy up.

Use another nickname
Yes, Sup Mang. China is the #1 enemy. China's military really is a threat. The three prime enemies of the USA are as follows, although not many will believe me: #3 Cuba, #2 North Korea, and #1 China!

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