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Which is more prestigious the Victoria Cross or the Medal of Honour?
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Which is more prestigious the Victoria Cross or the Medal of Honour?

Now I don't want any biased opinions which is a bit stupid me saying as i'm biased myself but what does everybody think on the matter? Which do you think takes more to get and such.


The VC because the MoH is american and therefore is pointless as the US military is crap anyway. :D

In actual fact neither is more prestigious - they are equals in being the highest awards for their respective countries. The Victoria Cross has more kudos though for some reason.

BTW Johnson Beharry did not get the VC for just driving away from an ambush. He got it because he carried out his duties with half his skull shot away and his brains hanging out and saving the lives of his comrades.

it would be an extreme pleasure to wear either one. as far as which one is more prestigious, it depends on who you talk to. i can tell from the responses who is british/australian and which ones are american. what people fail to grasp is that both medals are awarded for combat actions above and beyond the call of duty. both are equally respected and revered.

i must say both are as good as the other.. it takes courage and often loss of life to earn these medals.. i said earn not win, as it is not a contest.

regardless of the particulars you must meet to earn one , not many people set out to do it, i do nae think it matter what anyone thinks as to which is better. every country has a top award for courage, some people earn them with their lives. that is a high price to pay.

i salute all and any member of any nation who receives a medal of this calibur, as most of them died to get it, those that did not die were lucky and great people.

we should honour all of them and forget the petty details of what it takes or from what its made or how old the honour is.

the recipients are our best in most case's they deserve honour and not comparison

Andy C
Both medals are the highest honor given and are, in general, equally difficult to earn. Any argument that one is more prestigious then the other is purely subjective and a matter of opinion.

Although less VCs have been awarded then MoHs, based on the number of soldiers in each military and the amount of conflicts they are equally rare. There is a reason most of these medals are awarded posthumously, and there is a reason that anyone who has earned these medals is given the utmost respect by both our own military, and by other nations.

Gotta have more explosions!
They're both as pretigious as the other - In most cases, the highest distinctions that can be awarded in any military require the same kind of selfless actions.

The number of issued shouldn't make a difference - If ten Medals of Honor were awarded each week to soldiers jumping on grenades to save their friends, it'd still have as much prestige as a Victoria Cross.

Until one of them is issued stupidly like the Order of the Soviet Union was (issued to genuine war heroes, then later to politicians and generals on their birthdays), they're still just as valuable as the other.

the devil wears camo
both of these awards are usually given for making the ultimate sacrifice and although it is not unknown for a recipient of either to be awarded these gallantry/valour awards while still alive more have been awarded after death,to say which is more prestigious is perhaps a misnomer as both are equally hard to earn yet both mean the same.there have been 1356 V.C.s awarded(14 since the end of WW2) where as there have been 3465 C.M.H.s awarded.

Neil T
Neither. As both of these medals are their respective countries highest award for valour (valor) in the face of an armed enemy, it goes without saying that the recipient deserves the highest respect.

VC. considerably harder to win.

Despite of the great honour of both I don't want to win either. Both are more than deserved when awarded, but given the stinginess's and comparative rarity of British bravery awards I would say the the Victoria Cross had more prestige

Most medal of honor winners got the medal after they died. Hope that helps.

I don't think there's much difference.

There've been about 1350 VCs awarded to the smaller armed forces of the UK over a longer time period (1854-).

There've been about 3450 MoH's awarded to the much larger armed forces of the United States, but over a slightly shorter time (1862-) period, but one with much more intense combat.

You've got to be pretty much dead to earn EITHER. As one of my drill sergeants put it, "JUST throwing yourself on a grenade doesn't qualify you for a Medal of Honor any more." The joke we had in Basic Training was that you had to eat the grenade and use your tailpipe to guide the shrpanel into your enemies WHILE providing first aid to wounded comrades AFTER saving the family and their pets. THAT would get you considered for the MoH...as long as there were more than 50 enemy involved.

They're the highest award either nation can give to their soldiers. To win either requires an amazing degree of heroism, valor, courage, and dedication to your mission, your mates, and your nation.

Statistically, I'd say it's harder to win the MoH than the VC, but that doesn't make it more prestigious.


EDIT: I've added a story of one MoH winner and one VC winner so you can compare - they're equal in my eyes.

I disagree with the statement "winning the VC requires real bravery" - read Sgt. Benavidez's citation and tell me that didn't require real bravery.

The Silver Foo Dog
The VC has it has a greater history then that of the MoH. But to win either of the two is still a great achievement.

robert c
The Victoria Cross!The only medal the late Audie Murphy did not win!

Victoria Cross, but only just. Both medals are only awarded for the most courageous acts of bravery and as such it's unfair to choose either way, but if I have to make a decision then the VC gets it by a small margin (but only just).

The Victoria Cross (VC) is the highest military decoration awarded for valour "in the face of the enemy" to members of the armed forces of some Commonwealth countries and previous British Empire territories. It takes precedence over all other orders, decorations and medals. It may be awarded to a person of any rank in any service and civilians under military command, and is presented to the recipient by the British monarch during an investiture held at Buckingham Palace. It is the joint highest award for bravery in the United Kingdom with the George Cross, which is the equivalent honour for valour not in the face of the enemy.

The VC was introduced on 29 January 1856 by Queen Victoria to reward acts of valour during the Crimean War. Since then the medal has been awarded 1,356 times to 1,353 individual recipients. Only 14 medals have been awarded since the end of the Second World War. The traditional explanation of the source of the gunmetal from which the medals are struck is that it derives from Russian cannon captured at the siege of Sevastopol. Recent research has thrown doubt on this story, suggesting a variety of origins. Due to its rarity, the VC is highly prized and the medal can reach over £400,000 at auction. There are a number of public and private collections devoted to it, most notably that of Lord Ashcroft, which contains over one-tenth of the total VCs awarded.

It used to be the VC, but Britain is so PC these days. They gave Johnson Beharry one for being a minority and to aid recruiting!

All he did was drive away from a contact, if he was a royal marine he wouldn't have even got a hand shake of the CO!

Victoria Cross is more prestigious I think as to win one takes real bravery and the story about the cross being made from guns from wars in Queen Victoria`s time makes the medal more special.

Both are just falacies. My family earned four Iron Crosses

A guy on here said they are equal because they are each the highest award in their countries, the MOD is for USA and The Victoria Cross is for the Commonwealth, considerably more than one country.

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