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Which job in the navy will get me sent to iraq/afghanistan?
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Which job in the navy will get me sent to iraq/afghanistan?

i would actually like to go to iraq/afghanistan, i think it would be an experience, but if i join the Navy Reserves as an MP would i go to iraq if not which job should i do to go?
Additional Details
i am a female so i cant do infantry or SEALs


There are several rates which will increase your chances of being deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan. These include, but are not limited to, the following:
Construction Electrician
Construction Mechanic
Engineering Aide
Equipment Operator
Gunner's Mate
Intelligence Specialist
Hospital Corpsman
Personnel Specialist
Religious Programs Specialist
Explosive Ordinance Disposal

Additionally, the United States Navy currently has a volunteer program known as the Individual Augmentee program. While there is no guarantee you will be deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan, you will have a greater chance if you are EOD or one of the construction-related rates. Congressional mandate forbids the assignment of females to combat units so if you are deployed you will most likely be assigned to a support unit in country such as civil affairs. As Explosive Ordinance Disposal does not constitute a combat unit, females are not barred from these programs, but there are very few female EOD technicians. Additionally, female corpsman are NOT deployed with Marine units as part of Fleet Marine Force because corpsman are only assigned to combat units which would violate current congressional mandate. Again, there is no guarantee you will ever be deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan. I spent four years as a Master-At-Arms and filed 18 separate requests for the Individual Augmentee program and I was never deployed.

join the Marine Corps as an infantryman.

If you want to be deployed, I would suggest going into the Marine Corp infantry. This would be a definite deployment. The Marine Corp is a department of the Navy...

Good luck! The military is a hard thing to get used to but after it is said and done it is one of the most rewarding jobs you could ever have.

yeah...we are short of personnel so pretty much everybody goes at some point regardless of their job...they just need bodies over there....you will go. have fun!

As far as I'm aware of, the Navy is strictly boats/ports on the shore...Iraq and Afghanistan are land-locked. Infantry isn't a job in the Navy. If you really want to go there, join the Army. You'll have a lot more options, and a lot of Army MPs are shipping to Iraq next month. The Navy concentrates on keeping the oceans/seas clear for travel for the US and her allies. Do a little more research, dear, and talk to your recruiters. They'll be the best source of information for you.

Talk to your recruiter! It's rare for someone to actually want to go to Iraq or Afghanistan, so I'm sure he or she will gladly provide you with a list of jobs that will allow that, even for women. I know that I don't know your relationship with your family or friends, but I do recommend discussing your desire to go with them!

Also, I think that as a person in the Navy, you'd have less of a chance of going than a person in the Army or Marines...they have the top chances of being deployed, especially to the places you want to go!

ol crow
Certainly not Admiral.


lets be honest join the navy first and then after all your training and schools. If you still want to go to Iraq or Afghanistan then all you have to do is volunteer to go and you will go. real simple and easy.
good luck and i will see you in the navy.

Jean Baptiste Langoratti
I know that right now every single Corpsman is deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan, so a corpsman or medic for you gamers is a pretty safe option plus the skills learned are valued highly, I know that it's one of the few navy jobs that marines absolutely respect if you don't like that option I'd say seals though good luck with that. You might also have a chance if you go security forces.

Im a 24 year old male, I have thought about joining the navy for awhile now and I would like to join, but I'll be honest I' do not wish to go to Iraq or afg., is there any way that I could be reassured that this would not happen? Also I just finished school and have student loans out, if I joined would the navy take care of my college debt?

Irag is not land locked contrary to one of the previous posts. I spent a year in an area of Iraq that was on the ocean (Umm Qasr). Also, the poster mentioned she was a female, so any Infantry is out and so are SEALs (as previously mentioned). Rates that will get you deployed (as a female), MAA, IT, CT, FC.....the list goes on. A few types of Commands that deploy are Inshore Boat Units (Iraq only), Customs Battalions, Seabees, etc. Call a detailer (not a recruiter) to find out more. The Navy IA program will give you a good chance of being sent over to Iraq or Afghanistan. Good Luck, Chief

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