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Which military branch would you choose, Navy or Coast Guard?
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Which military branch would you choose, Navy or Coast Guard?

These are the only two I see that are cool, in my opinion.

Navy - subs, aircraft, boats and that sweet technology!
Coast Guard - save lives, drug traffic control, and immigration.

I am joining Navy but I think after that, trying coast guard. What are your views?
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If it isn't part of the military then how the hell can you cross from Navy into CG and keep rank? Wiki it and it is an Armed Force.... Homeland Security... isn't that Defense? not really a depratment but defense none the less.


It depends on what you want to DO... it seems to me that the job opportunities are much more varied in the Navy... (and no, not all Navy have to serve on ships, by the way).

Also, where do you want to GO? Again, more opportunities with the Navy... but those opportunities also include war zones.

I personally prefer the Marines, I plan on enlisting in a few years. Mainly because they're "the best of the best", their training/boot-camp is hardest of all the branches and their branch is the smallest of all, and they're also Air,Sea and Land, they're the first to fight, last to leave. Another reason I want to be a Marine is because my grandfather was a Marine, served during Vietnam.


If going to serve might as well be with the best.

Navy and Marines [been in both] have the best food. In the Navy, you don't get to hunker down in foxholes, and you don't get to hump your butt carrying a ton of stuff for miles and miles, and you don't get to limp around with blisters from that, and you don't get to sleep in tents, etc. as you do in the Marines.

But the Navy is nuts for cleaning and shining having every little thing in its proper place. But living conditions are better.

Unless your going in the SEALS I wouldnt exactly call it "cool". Dont get me wrong, anyone in the Military is a great American and doing the right thing; but you cant choose one branch over another because one actually does the fighting and the others sit on boats hundreds/thousands miles away w/ some missles. Saying that, w/o the Navy the US Military couldnt be what it is today, do what you want to do.
Im going w/ the Marines next year

Roger N
I would say the Navy.
I haven't heard of any Navy getting stationed in Kodiak, Alaska.

During peace time, (non-declared war) the Coast Guard is part of Homeland Security and not part of the Department of Defense. So technically, it is not part of the military.

If you want to join the MILITARY, join the Navy.

Navy kicks a**

They have the SEALs and they are the one of the best SF in the world

Coast Guard.

Navy. The navy is the best way to get up to the front lines, (if your into that). But if you are looking for a more sparsely populated branch of the military, the coast guard is the way to go.

the archer
My husband was in the Navy, so I choose the Navy.

If I were u I'd go with the Coast Guard because you will always have land in your sight. While in the Navy u lose sight of land for months at a time.

an nongovernmental organization that targets drug lords , drug sellers , rapists , murderers , and other villainous people.

But not controlled by the government self controlled...

As a retired Navy DAV I chose the Navy

The Coast Guard doesn't take prior enlisted to if are interested in the CG you need to do that first. My brother is CG. He really loves it. He was stationed at Yorktown, VA for 5 years and is now cross training into Search and Rescue. He's had a blast! He's been all over the Caribbean, up the east coast and back and let me tell you coffee from Columbia kicks ***! But, Navy is awesome too!
I can't believe that you don't think that the AF is cool. There is nothing cooler than airplanes. Of course, I am a little biased since my husband is AF! Good luck! i think either way you go you're going to have a good time and have a great career.

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