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Who do you think is better U.S. Army RANGERS and Special Forces (Green Berets) or U.S. Navy SEALs?
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Who do you think is better U.S. Army RANGERS and Special Forces (Green Berets) or U.S. Navy SEALs?


All are equally as good and do their own to accomplish their mission. Each may have a different mission only because of whatever the situation the mission calls for.

Well, put it like this. You pretty well much need to be ranger qualified before you can get into special forces. So the rangers are out since being in SF makes a ranger better. (Not a better person, per se, or better than even a run of the mill ranger. If you a a ranger, you are damn good already, but you have more training, extra skills that are taught, etc.)

Now to compare an SF person to a seal is a little hard. They live in different worlds. SF is trained in HALO and LALO, and they can carry stuff that a seal can't, since seals are used mostly for water operations. Seals can jump, don't get me wrong there. But the SF dude is going in face first, where a good seal operation is to infiltrate from the water, and they don't really know what is there until they poke thier heads out of the water and see it.

I have a slight bias here, since I was a groundpounder and not a squid. But I'm sure that while the seals have a much more technical job to do when completing their mission, and the SF dudes are some kick-*** people also for their alloted missions, you need to remember that quantity has a quality all it's own. And we have more rangers than SF and seals.

For something like this to be answered with any grain of truth you would have to set up a "mission", and lay out the objective and the resistance involved. Anyone who is a ranger, SF, or seal is one hell of a fighting man. If you use them in the right way, you have won your objective.

I was just a leg grunt, and anytime I saw a ranger or SF dude, I knew I would be fighting out of my weight. They just have this way of acting in a military manner all the time. You could tell that not only would they be willing to ruin your day, they would have fun doing it! I never met a seal, so I can't comment on them from a personal viewpoint.

I was on a Recon Marine for 4 years and have served with Army Rangers and SF, and Navy Seals. The Navy Seals that I deployed with had all of their ammunition taken from then by our SOC (special operations capable) insructors. We never really found out why, but after it happened, all of the live fire training was done by the Force Recon team. Dont get me wrong, I was stationed at NAB in San Diego while going through Basic Reconnaissance Course, and I've seen what the Seals have to go through to earn the title... they are incredibly hard working and dedicated. But the ones that I deployed with didnt seem to focus too much on work.

The Rangers and SF I worked with (and went through some training with) were unbelieveable. Being a Marine, there is a lot of "I hate the Army" attitude, and coming out of boot camp I really thought that the Army was a joke (just because in boot camp you are made to feel like Superman and that the other services arent nearly as capable as the Marines). So I did have a negative attitude regarding Army Soldiers. However, after working with and training with the Rangers and SF, I lost that mentality completely and developed complete respect for them. Very hard working and diciplined guys.

But, if I had to choose who I'd trust with my life... the only choice is Marine Recon. Semper Fi.

They are all nuts!!! Thank god for them


all are better and none are better. the better person is the one who does his/her duty and protects our country. Credit, thanks and respect should be shown to all branches of our military.

I think it would depend on the mission.

Notoriusly, the Army Rangers are good at taking down airfields.

The green berets help arm and train allied forces in a police action.

The seals are great sabotagers and hostage extractors.

Why didn't you include the Delta Force, British SAS, and Marine Recon? Biased are we? They are all great, but specialized for different mission objectives.

i think you better not piss either of them off.

Recon Marines...OORAH

Green Berets are REALLY SMART, Navy SEALs are almost invisible and are damn tough, Rangers uhhh are good too =) so i don't really know, and it wouldn't be right for me to praise one over the other because they have all done so much for our country...

Do you know the correct way to salute? This site has a lot of military people on it. What do you say if they've been in more than one branch of the military? Like both of those you are talking about? And which Ranger,Green Beret or Seal? You think they are like Nascar and you bet on them?

Carl-N-Vicky S
Navy Seals all the Way.

Marines. Hoo-ah!

The most elite Army unit is the Green Berets.They are multi skilled, trained to work as a team, but when necessary, each member can function alone to continue the assigned mission. Rangers have some of the same special warefares training, but not as much as a Green Beret. Seals are equal to the Greet Berets.

They all have different missions. The Green Berets are not a true fighting force. There job is training the locals to fight. Chances are they are the best at foreign languages and probably speak several different languages well.

SEALS do a lot of stuff and end up the jack of all trades and the master of none. The idea of them running around shooting stuff up is generally false. They are the divers at sea salvage and rescues, plant listening devices along the sea telephone cables, plant missile homing devices and call in air support.

The shoot'em up guys are from the U.S. army rangers, but there are a lot of them and therefore the quality can vary. When Tilman was killed, two of the guys that were shooting at him had very poor eye sight and I think a third had some sort of medical problem too.

tom l
What's the matter don't you think Special Ops is good enough to be included in your comparison??

If any one of them was not up to snuff, they would correct the situation. So none of them is better, they just have different missions.

Each Special Operations branch has it's own mission specific mission so it is hard to state who is hands down better than the other guy because they have different skill sets and missions.

I worked with Navy Seals in Kosovo and without generalizing too much I thought a lot of them were very immature and unprofessional. I think the "i am a SEAL and I know everything" mentality really got in the way of some good training and teamwork. I lived in San Diego for 18 years and knew a few seals and I have never liked the mentality, and I always thought they got into it for the wrong reasons. I have to say though that some of them were fairly young and probably didn't have as much experience as they thought they did. The older guys were top-notch though.

Rangers are a good group but I want to shy away from calling them true "special operations soldiers." They are a great group and very capable but Ranger school is just that "a school." It is not a complete job change like becoming a Green Beret. They are very capable in many respects but the school is only like 70 days and then you go back to a regular unit.

I have no familiarity with Recon Marines so I can only comment on Green Berets. The training from what I have seen is the longest and most in depth. On average takes two years of rigorous training before you will ever put on a Green Beret and then your just a newbie. Most of the guys I have met in this group are very professional and don't get into it for the prestige or girls. Very few of them ever joined the Army to become Green Berets. To me they just realized they wanted more from the Army and had more to offer their country. They are trained to be experts and trained in languages to impart that expertise to other militaries. Most Green Berets held a few jobs before starting on the path to Green Beret so they tend to be a little older (around 30 I believe is the average age) and they have a lot of knowledge.

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