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Who would win a conventional war between Russia and America?
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Who would win a conventional war between Russia and America?

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People that have answered this are living in the world of 10 years ago.

Russia has seen its wealth increase at an amazing rate, thanks to energy price increases. Russia supplies the gas to most of Europe & earns a fortune.

Under Putin, the Russian military has returned to almost superpower strength. They have some of the most advanced missile systems, defence hardware and joint strike fighter jets in the world. They also have a huge army, trained to the highest level.

Russia didn't get rid of its nukes either, so has serious strike ability.

Russia also has a pact with nuclear armed Communist China and an attack on one nation is results in a united response.

Russia would defeat America with surprising ease.

America. Russia is far too disorganized, poor and just an overall mess. In the past they would have made a formidable enemy, but no longer.

I don't know. It is a very popular issue though. To prove it there are jokes made about this issue. For example. Russia and America wanted to decide who was the superpower. They decided to have a dog fight. They had five years to prepare. The Russians started breeding large dogs. Taking the meanest puppies and breeding them together to form even meaner dogs. When the day came for the dog fight the Russians moved the cage into the stadium. The dog was barking and growling and bending the bars of the cage. The Americans came in with what looked like a long wiener dog. They released the dogs, The Russian dog came running up to the America's dog growling and snapping it's jaws. The American dog opened it's mouth and ate the Russian dog in one bight. It turned out that the Americans had been doing plastic surgery on a crocodile in the five years.

tom l
Russia is not what the Soviet Union was.

Russia doesn't have the funds to hang with the U.S. anymore. If America wasn't involved in any other conflicts, and had all of their resources to use, Russia wouldn't have enough manpower to fight with America.

Nick F
USA, airpower factors heavily in a conventional war, I think the USA has an edge in that dept. (but not as great as some would think)

In a conventional war which took place on Russian territory, the Russian Army would defeat the US Army.
The Russian Army, formerly the Red Army is mythical in its ability to fight on and on and on when all seems lost. They never give up and can withstand far worse conditions than a US soldier.

Joseph L
It would depend, who initiated the conflict, and on what country would it take place. History shows that wars on foreign soil are harder to win.

I would say america. Russian submarines would be a concern, no doubt, but the americans also got them. Russia no longer has reliable bombers, like the americans B52,B1 andB2s, in fact, their air force hasn't got any stealth aircraft, russian AEW aircraft is also inferior to american E3s and E8s, american conventional fighters and fighter-bombers are better than their russian counterparts (and their pilots much better trained and combat-experienced). US navy, mainly the carriers, don't have a russian match at all. Land army,...america is better equipped and trained as well,..specially regarding special forces, helicopters,..etc. American logistics are far superior as well.

However,...if this was meant to be a land war,...where would they fight?

U.S.A. All the way!

Reason 1 Technological Superiority

Stealth, Munitions and Ordinance Like JDAMS and the like, Armor, Vehicles, Anti-Missile Technology like the patriot and the new anti-rpg unit, Laser tech. etc. and so on.

Reason 2 Command and Control Superiority.

We took out the afghans in much less time and casualties than the ruskies in the 80's. We took out the worlds 4th largest Army in 2 weeks in Iraq, How long do you think it would have taken the Russians?

Reason 3 Air superiority would signal the winning hand...

I think that our superior Air Force would defeat even the best of Russian Modern Fighters including the SU-37. It comes down to the fact that we have more advanced fighters with more seasoned and experienced pilots that are better equipped and trained.

With this being said not to be overconfident it would certainly depend on many factors like timing, location (Theatre of Operations) What type of Presidents and Generals are in office etc.

Russia has no money and communism still dosen't work. They would fail to catch up to our manufacturing rate or how many soliders we have. Russia would be destroyed completly.

No allies involved? USA, but not by much, It's a money thing...they cannot hope to compare with our vast resources at this time. But don't get me wrong, those Russkies are tough, really really tough, and intelligent. But in the end our body armor and more accurate weapons would make the difference.
Also our Navy just dominates the world in technology and training. We could starve them in a few months. The air war would be something else...That may end up being a dead heat...though I'd still like to think our generals are smart enough to make short work of the biggest threats.

Tetchy Old Git
a nasty scenario. But the US would whack the Ruskies with ease.

I think you have to ask first, where would this war be fought. If it was on Russian soil then America would lose. The russian soldier is a very hard fighter who can operate in the severest of conditions. The Russian Army has tremendous fire power,and man power. In WW2 one of their Armies consisted of 3,000,000 infantry and 4,000 tanks as well as 4,000 field guns. in a convential war, I dont think America could match that.

In a conventional war Russia does not have the sea lift or air lift capability to invade the US. We probably do have such a capability, but I agree with Harry today's Americans and our commie media would start crying uncle after the first body bags were shown on TV.

To World's biggest St Helen's fan (the volcano?). You have to be kidding a war between Britain and France. France couldn't whip the Rhode Island National Guard.

i think USA will win ... Russia already lost the cold war ... even they cant support there own space programs. if you would ask USA or CHINA ....it would have been more proper. because china got the biggest military force in the world and USA got the most advanced war technology .


The USA would stomp the Russians into the dirt and the Chinese too after we've stomped the Arabs and any others who try to resist the American way. US RULES. History should be enough back up, apart from Vietnam and maby Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan. Otherwise we'll grind them them into the ground. No Problem. Oh Yeh, bring em on.

America at this time because Russia is disorganized but i see Russia is beginning to reemerge and might become a superpower once again as a communist State and their vast oil reserves only help them.

Chi Town's Finest
It depends on where and when it is fought. In Russia during winter, America would probably loss but anywhere else America most likely.

Can't drive a wedge between the two. Check out the space station.

the Martians.....or daleks anyone but the earth

Well i am sure that war would go nuclear so there wouldn't be a real winner. But if fought by conventional forces then America would win

America. During the 1st Gulf war Iraq was using some of the latest Russian military equipment and the Allied troops walked right through it.

katie w
Russia deffinitlli.. look at lebanon
america was supporting israelt o the max when the recent war was going on.. and it coudnt defeat hizbollah which are a small group fightin for their country but for some reason they are callled terrorists
aniway back to the point for deff it russia

Misty B
Nobody really wins a war. Too many innocent people suffer.

Russia has a greater nuclear capability than any other nation. so if it gets to that...technically Russia would win.

only p
Being that Russia does not exist and all of its territories are bankrupt, I vote US

Russia is pretty much in a financial mess.
They'd be hard pressed to raise enough money to bomb any Americans.

On the other hand America is wealthy so they'd have no problem raising enough cash to bomb both Russians and Americans (and they usually do)

The Vietnamese were a poor people with not enough firepower to win a war, but the Americans ****** up, bombed themselves and still managed to lose a war against Vietnam.

So I declare it a draw.


Back up my comment? We can't even beat the Iraqi's and we certainly didn't the Vietnamese! If it were fought it Russia, we would have about the same luck as Hitler did with Russian winters!

Russia also uses much better primary rifles than the US, who uses a bullet that is worthless!

um as far as troops numbers go russia has the advanage as well as in population however it would really depened on the battle feild i mean if its in russia the russians have the home feild advanage and can send thousands of poorly trained civilans with crudely made guns at us troops just like they did against the german army in ww2 . but if its in america the us army is the lest of a invaders worries becouse its exstremly hard to take over a country where in just about every city and town has snipers hidden in just about every house, and outside the cities your troops have to deal with even more snipers behind just about every tree and bush , and on top of that your supply lines keep getting attact for everywhere and no matter what you do you cant protect them. worse then that the people attacking you in america arnt just soldiers there civilians who have higher powered rifles the the stander us military m16. and have a seemingly unlimited supply of ammo proble becouse there stealing it from your supplies . so basicly anyone who tryes to take over the us is commiting them selfs and their soldiers to a suicide mission becouse its imposable to take over the us becouse if you dont pay attention to the number of guns that are bought and sold in the us there are more guns and ammo in the us then there are people to use them and most gun owners have more then one gun in there safe at home. most have atlest three usually a handgun, a shotgun and a rifle for hunting all of which can be used to kill other people or in this forum's case russian soldiers on american soil btw since no one pointed this out every american male has to sign up for what they call selective service or the draft as it has been called so america can call on every 18 to 25 to fight for there country and failure to apper fpr duty means being cort marshaled and going to a federal prision for 20 years in Fort Leavenworth or exacution for treason for refusal to sever the country which isnt likely but can happen during a war like a conventinal war aginst russia, becouse america would need every man the country could get. no exceptions. religues or other wise.

America would win,POPULATION, Russia has about 140 million and America has about 360 million people, We have a better and more advanced technology and more powerful military, And do not forget we are very near Russia next to Alaska thru the Barren Straights, also Russia would be hit on there eastern side by Nato and western side by America, the most populated side of Russia is around Moscow,goodbye mother Russia

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