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Who would win in a war between USA and Russia?
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Who would win in a war between USA and Russia?

who would win in a military war usa vs russia in america?


we are not weaker than were are we have the most advance technolgy in the world it does not mater if they beat the soilders in the tranning camps if you guys dont like america then dont live here they are not better soilders u guys think there good because they have better tranning camps u guys are wrong seal team 6 rangers green breas marines recon would kill russia in no time we have ac-130 gunships with 105 roundes preditor drons f-16 we would win no time

we are not weaker than were are we have the most advance technolgy in the world it does not mater if they beat the soilders in the tranning camps if you guys dont like america then dont live here they are not better soilders u guys think there good because they have better tranning camps u guys are wrong seal team 6 rangers green breas marines recon would kill russia in no time we have ac-130 gunships with 105 roundes preditor drons f-16 we would win no time

Chris S
It would be bad for all. USA would actually retaliate with a nuke before Russia because we are weaker than what we try to say we are to the world. I for one am tired of the hypocrisy and deception. And here we go again, we spend more than all the world on defense. Of course we can defend ourselves! That's never been the real question.

I think U.S.A. would be shocked how much damage they suffer and of course we would rely on nukes. What does that tell you?

lets not find out

Nobody they are both nuclear so they would just destroy the world

USA wouldnt be rushing into Russia because they would get their faces smacked and they couldnt afford a war anyway.

China would be the only winner in that fight. Both the US and Russia are smart enough to work together on common interests and to agree to disagree on other matters. In fact, if the US and Russia do not work more closely together in the future then China will eventually dominate both countries economically just on the principle of divide and conquer.

More specifically, an all out military conflict between the US and Russia would be an almost unimaginable global catastrophe. That's why during the Cold War the US and USSR engaged in proxy wars and conflicts. The real thing would result in the economic collapse of both countries if such a conflict was waged by conventional means, which means that the pressure to try to "win" by using of nuclear weapons would be unavoidable by one and that would result in a similar response from the other.

Neither could win a conventional conflict and exist to enjoy the fruits of conquest, and every nation would stand to lose in a nuclear conflict between the two.

proud to be british
why do so many people post these questions

The USA would win. Russia is a poor country with an OK military. The USA is becoming a poor country lol. But the USA still has better technology, a better armed forces, better SF. Better navy, stalemate with the Air Force. If Russia and the US went to war, it would be a catastrophy. Nukes would be used, and the WHOLE world would be doomed.

Javed I
Everyone knows whose turn is now

hand to hand or nuclear where we would all suffer from the fallout.

USA is technically more advanced than Russia... that technology is a definite "force multiplyer". The U.S has an extraordinary ability to kill a metric a$$ load of people without engaging at the individual troop level.

Of course, that is dependent on whether we are allowed to use the fullest extent of our abilities.

I believe USA would win. But only because they have the British Armed forces backing them up.

Russia - they have many more soldiers than the USA, even if it took ten Russian soldiers to kill one American, they'd still win. If they decide to use the nukes, clearly that'll be a stalemate since both sides would be completely destroyed.

Branden O

Group Captain Lionel Mandrake
Another for number 4.

Define win....

If WMDs are used, neither would win.

If conventional weapons are used, neither has the capability of making the other surrender. It would be a long dragged out war at sea with small raids on land.

Tito 360
The U.S. has the Israelie's. Russia has too many enemys & Chechnya would love join the U.S. side.

Master me
looooolll what a question , ide have to say russia , why do u think america hasnt stepped in for georgia yet or attacked iran because it has russia backing it up. most americans are too pround or ignorant to admit that another country could beat them. it would be a world war tho because of britain would back america so would europe , and all of the easter countries would back russia . so a ww3 prettymuch

but in a 1 on 1 match ide have to say russia again because the american media isnt going to tell u that russia is stronger is it? russia has a huge army a huge number of tanks a stable economy a huge air foce and there quite advanced there special forces are ment to be one of the best,

Depends on where it was. keep in mind that Russian strategy would dictate using nuclear weapons at the first sign of losing. Russia is a regional power meaning they are only capable of projecting and maintaining a sizable military force within a few hundred miles of her borders. She doesn't have the navy or air force to sustain a military operation of any size outside of that range at this time.

"All of the Americans are fat". I am sick and tired of the damn insults.

BTW USA would win. Far superior technology and a larger population to fuel it's military with


R'- @\/_1
USA because they have Britain backin them up


there's to many scenarios to come up with a viable conclusion.


america = no money. all soldiers are currently in a pointless war in the middle east that is going to do more damage than good.

lone butcher Spartan remembers
In America, USA.
Russia doesn't have the means of supporting a military that far, plus USa is years ahead of Russia in development, weapons and training techniques. Not to mention the naval and air forces of the US are unmatched.

USA what kind of american are you.....but honestly the USA would win especially in America. We have the top military in the world plus were the only country in the world that has the balls to do anything about it

Today? Russia would kick our butts. BO doesn't believe in defending us. He thinks you can talk to a bully and change his mind.

However, he hasn't dismissed his Secret Service detail, has he? I guess protection by force is only for the wealthy and powerful.


Ellephant .
Probably russia now
All of the americans are fat , and the wouldnt get very far.

And russia have bombs and stuff.

So probably russia

Are you crazy? We should protect our world!! But not ruin it! Will you fell better if an innocent person die? In any war wins only death! Do not be so bloody!

the USA would definitaly win the have better traing camps the best takns in the world the best fighter jets in the world the most advanced tecnoligy in the worldand the best navel ships way more men, better guns soo russia would easily fall to the AMERICANS oh ya and nickmasa the americans were mosly tring to get to japan soo stop talkin smack cause if u put the russins over there they would definetaly lose

prvt. pashtenkt
i was in Russian army many things i cant tell u Russians live and die for there country america does not have this zeal and we stopped 11.1 millions SS who were special forces. we use a 7.63/7.92 kalashnikov ak47 full metal standard issue grip with shot scope america uses a 7.11/7.23 put one next to the other and see size diference it will amaze you the. also russia has spetnaz which last time i checked was more funded and well trained than seal team 6. also russia has 29.2 million men in reserve excluding the 12 million in the army right now I JUST LISTED 9 REASONS RUSSIA WOULD WIN ALSO RUSSIA HAS MORE NUKES AND MORE MEN AT DRAFT

General pain
Well eventually the usa would win. if you can call what's left of it winning. americans are self righteous idiots. but this is how they have so much power none of its citizens would admit defeat so russia would have to aim for decimation rather than conquest. russia posses the most powerful of all weapons both conventional and nuclear. but america would stand up and say no! in the form of massive bombardments of an epic proportion. Fact. no single country could overrun the usa. its utter destruction would be the way of victory. that would affect the world in a very bad way. russia packs the sting of a very angry hornet. but the usa would swat it down with 300000000 fly swatters. remember the us coast guard alone, is more powerful than the british royal navy. now that's gonna hurt. america- well what's left of america would win

ok... the u.s. would win period russia does have a lot of troops but that doesnt matter because their millitary sux and there contry is in dept cuz the wanted to be bad asses a long ass time ago during the cold war they aint got shit on the u.s.

Easily Russia. They beat the Nazi's, wiping out 80% of there forces, not the Americans. I'm pretty sure they could do it to USA, hopefully no more wars will occur though. And btw, to Steven, if it's so easy to survive in the cold why did the Germans die on the cold? Coz Russia is smart, they cut down all the trees around them so they couldn't start fires, therefore they got diseases and infections. No Steve, your a weak piece of shit. Russians are BORN strong, not fat like Americans, coz they're in the winter, there skin thickens to cope with the weather. Luckily, I'm Macedonian. Pretty much the same as Russians and Serbians (speak same language, just different area of the world, still within Europe though) and I'm born tougher. I can cope in harsh winter conditions, unlike yanks being born fat. I went to America these holidays, great place, but everyone you see is fat. Good luck trying to aim down the scope of your weapon.

ALL of you who say russia are stupid, Sides would be like this Russia,China,Indonesia,N.Korea,Iran,Cuba,Venezuela vs U.S,Canada,France,Italy,Spain,Portugal,Egypt,Colombia,Philipines,India(because they hate china),Estonia,Latvia,Germany,Saudi arabia,Japan,South Korea,Kuwait,United arab emirates,Belgia,Poland,Finland, Oman,Australia,Turkey,Israel,Lithuania,Taiwan,Pakistan also U.S has the most advanced technology ever, also russain military doesn't have the best training and SAS, Navy seals,Marines,Rangers russian coalition would fall down in days. And we estonians defeated russia with a few thousand men, Finnish defeated russia with 6 months so are against USA? Youre going down!!

Big Dick
russia would win

of course Russia. Russia got better weapons and better training camp for the soldiers

Russia will win, no doubt. It has much more modern and sharp military technologies.

Russia might have more people and maybe has more nuclear bombs (no one knows for sure), but the US beats them in every other category. Everyone that says Russia has better weapons are stupid because we are years more advanced than them and are nukes are more superior and is way better. Soviet Russia would have won against the US but they are no more so America can destroy Russia. Russia and the US have enemy's but Russia has far more than the US.

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