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Whos has strongest military united states or russian?
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Whos has strongest military united states or russian?

trying to finf out if we dont wanna go to war with russian or they dont wanna go war with us or tell me this china is the best over all more power than any one i think


The USA has the most Firepower. And that is what counts,

We are followed by Russia and China. And then believe it or not Germany and France. (darn can't find that link right now)



Russian Military Air Wing is very old

Christopher Michael
The problem with this question is the manner in which we fight. The Unites States has more technology that allows a smaller but more effective military. Russia and China both have a large military but their numbers are negated by the fact that the US can do the same job as 100 soldiers with a handful of unmanned weapons. The F-22 itself and the future F-35 can hit a target without the target even knowing that they are there. China nor Russia have adequate stealth technology to combat this. After the Cold war the nuclear threat was greatly reduced and conventional warfare has once again returned as the predominant area of advances. The US excels in this. The others do not. The US is the greatest military power ever.


It's not about manpower nowadays.

It's about technology and weapons.. and I say we had that down.

Mary Jo's Ghost
This is no longer a debatable question. Russia was reduced several notches in Military capability so it really is not a comparable. Combine China and Russia against the US and you might have a good comparison.

the united states is tough but russia's training process is a lot tougher because they don't really have any rules for their training. but as far as technology we are tougher and smarter

Furture SWAT Agent
If you are an American then you should be ashamed of the question you asked. who the f*** do you think is stronger!?

USA has the strongest but i think china has the biggest and wouldn't worry about those Russians mate they got screwed over economically

Depends on what your definition of strengh is.

Nobody wants to go to war with anybody. A strong military is not intended to be a threat but rather a deterrent to war.

any all out war between russia and china or the us and russia would lead to the inevitable deployment of biological or chemical weapons and the dreaded battle field biological weapons developed by the russian Biopreparat for instance a strain of ebola was weaponized and was produced in the tens of tones per year which is enough ebola to wipe out the population of north america but it would do its job and then the engineered virus would die after a predetermined amount of time so such a war would be catastrophic and there for avoided at all costs because any one side has to much power and they would obliterate each other if not the whole world in the process and as for nuclear weapons the russians developed the tsar bomba, The detonation of Tsar Bomba is the single most physically powerful device ever utilized throughout the history of humanity and they reduced the size of it from the original plans The Tsar Bomba was a three-stage hydrogen bomb with a yield of about 50 megatons. This is equivalent to ten times the amount of all the explosives used in World War II combined. The initial four stage design was capable of approximately 100 Mt (Megatons).he fireball touched the ground, reached nearly as high as the altitude of the release plane, and was seen and felt 1,000 km away. The heat from the explosion could have caused third degree burns 100 km away from ground zero. The subsequent mushroom cloud was about 60 km high (nearly seven times higher than Mount Everest) and 30–40 km wide. At its peak it is well over 41 miles tall, and 27 miles thick. The explosion could be seen and felt in Finland, even breaking windows there. Atmospheric focusing caused blast damage up to 1,000 km away. The seismic shock created by the detonation was measurable even on its third passage around the Earth. Its Richter magnitude was about 5 to 5.25.
Since 50 Mt is 2.1Ă—1017 joules, the average power produced during the entire fission-fusion process, lasting around 39 nanoseconds, was about 5.4Ă—1024 watts or 5.4 yottawatts. This is equivalent to approximately 1.4% of the power output of the Sun. In other words take an area of 40 miles squared squared and turn it into a glass bottom parking lot in 39 nanoseconds flat and let every body in the world know it. Tsar caused massive devastation. Complete destruction extended to a radius of 40 miles surrounding the blast and severe damage as far as 60 miles. Ground zero after the test was described as: "The ground surface of the island has been leveled, swept and licked so that it looks like a skating rink ... The same goes for rocks. The snow has melted and their sides and edges are shiny. There is not a trace of unevenness in the ground.... Everything in this area has been swept clean, scoured, melted and blown away, thats what would happen if there was all out war with either side

U.S.A. is stronger

the only thing better the russians have is they have a tough tough tough basic training; they are better at gorilla warfare (attacking without weapons, or with around the house items).

a Russian won the strong man contest. but a 13 cent bullet is stronger than he is. Its all about the bully pulpit between Russia, China and the USA.

i think in some military sections us is better in others russia and in others china........

bob b
the US is stronger but the russians have numbers

My guess is the U.S. but China is a wild card. The U.S. needs to start worrying more about it's own country than the world right now.

punk 23

CRYSIS 2 SOS NEW YORK. The first country to create the nanosuit will be the superior country

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