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Why do soldiers cheat on their spouses when they are deployed??
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Why do soldiers cheat on their spouses when they are deployed??


Due to the fact that...

"What happens downrange stays downrange."

This is not my belief, fyi.

A better question would be "Why do some spouses cheat"
I'm an Army Vet. and so is my Wife, we both know what deployment is, having gone through it. No woman other than the one I married could ever turn my head, deployed or not and the same goes for her. No offense, but If you have a spouse who cheats, seems to me Deary, you married the wrong guy and it doesn't matter what line of work he's in .

It's honestly a two way street.
But they cheat because they're lonely, and don't have as much respect and love for their spouse as they should. Sometimes people screw up.
I would hope that he doesn't, but if my navy husband cheats while on cruse to Bahrain this December, I would rather not ever hear about it.
My husband works with a guy that constantly cheats on his wife (while not deployed!) flirts with other women at work, etc...
We usually hang out together as couples, but I could never tell her.
I am not justifying what he does, but she treats him with no respect, and from the second he walks through the door, he is no longer a man, but her little errand boy. So yeah, I think that he cheats so he can feel like a man once in a while.

People do it for a variety of reasons.

I've heard of yet, someone else that received a video of their wife and someone else doing it while he was on cruise! So it's not just the deployed one that cheats. Lol... this same cheater-pants guy that I just mentioned ... said that he knows the perfect way to make sure that his wife doesn't cheat while he's gone... make sure that she's pregnant first.

I dunno... it's a sad, twisted world out there. It's almost like everything and everyone is out to get your marriage.

not all soldiers cheat....

Men and women have a freedom that was given to us by God its called free will. There is also a thing called temptation that enters as a thought and usually it is connected to mental and physical pleasure of some sort. When a person is presented with a choice to cheat, unless they are "temptation fighters" (someone aware of adversaries and how to stop them in their tracks) its hard for them to say no. In short they need daily spiritual strength and wisdom to overcome selfishness.

Not everyone does, those that do would probably cheat at home as well.

Y! Answering Addict ♥
not ALL soldiers cheat on their spouse, and not ALL spouses cheat on their significant other back home. If cheating is present, they shouldn't be married in the first place!

loneliness on both the wife and husband.

It is really tough being in combat and if you don't pay close attention and remember and honor your marriage, I understand it can be a huge challenge not to form strong emotional bonds with new people.

That should not excuse the behavior as they could exercise
discipline and not act that way.

But, I think it is part of the explanation, unfortunately.

Some are completely faithful

...not all men cheat. And you dont need to wear a uniform to do it either. Some men cheat on their wives and they come home to them every night.

Cause they are so far away and nobody will know unless they say something!!

i thought it was usually the wife that cheated? if the men do its because their pigs..

Because they can, and also because their wives are cheating on them!

Becasue our spouses cheat on us while we're deployed!!!

Leggy Blonde
men are like dogs with the tail in the front..........it seems to wag for anyone...

Well, if they join the military in the first pace it shows a clear lack of any morality, so why on earth would anyone expect them to remain faithful?

None of ur buisness
Actually over half of the soldiers cheat men or women in uniform and the ones that do cheat there spouses are usually not cheating on them...Soldiers think they can use there uniform to get what they want...They use the excuse that they was not in there right mind when they did it....I honestly think that they know what the hell they are doing and have little regard for themselves or for there spouse that is completely faithful and little regard for there marriage and there children...It takes a grown man or women to stay faithful....I can honestly say i am a faithful army wife and my husband on the other hand is one man that can not stay faithful...

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