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Why do soldiers wives like to cheat on their husband's when they are deployed overseas?
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Why do soldiers wives like to cheat on their husband's when they are deployed overseas?

especially when they are in iraq?


Big Blair
I was a rear detachment commander, and while cheating happens both ways, it is much more common for the wife to cheat on the husband, whether both are in the Army or not. For the wives that were also in the military, I tried to prosecute them fully within the Uniform Code of Military Justice, but did not get support from my higher level commander (LTC Dwayne O. Hill - piece of sh*t). I think they are more inclined to do it because they see others doing it without consequence. I wish it were easier to prosecute adultery, but it is becoming more accepted by society.

i do not know but it is wrong and they should be a shamed

Becky F
it is a lack of respect for themselfs and they can not respect the spouse if they can not respect themselfs

Lots of people cheat. Don't stereotype females in the military.

They also do when they are home.

Have gun, will travel.
Just like their civilian counter parts, there are always cheap women who fool around, just like there are husbands that fool around.

Just because some do doesn't mean they all do.

Sorry you are sad! They would not if they truly loved their husbands!

Eric H
I didn't realize it was a widespread problem. (no pun intended)

My dad cheated on his first wife when he was deployed, she was faithfull to him.
My bro cheated on his wife when he was deployed, she forgave him & they're still together.
You may want to research your questions before you place them.

jim ex marine offi,
the soldiers wives are not any more prone to cheat than any other wives, and I feel most are very faithful and support their husbands who are fighting for our country,
are you in the counter espionage business and like Tokyo rose trying to destabilize our troops or just plain stupid,

My b/f is a Lt Colonel in the US Army Reserves.

He has been on active duty for two years, in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait.

Now, they just extended him for ONE MORE YEAR.

I have NEVER cheated on him, and I never will! He is well worth waiting for - however long it takes!

Why do men like to cheat on their wives at all !!

I actually know a girl that was cheating on her boyfriend while he was in Iraq. Supposedly he was a really nice guy and he treated her really well. He even loved her kid which wasn't his. What's even worse is the guy she was cheating on him with was a complete scumbag who did not treat her well at all. He even gave her VD from a different girl he was sleeping with. How she did that when her boyfriend could have died on any given day is beyond me. It's just disgusting!

Women aren't the only people that cheat though. A lot of military men cheat on their girl friends and wives while they are stationed over seas or wherever. It's a very common thing on both sides.

My advice to people has always been to tell them to avoid dating military people. They're not all bad but I've seen way too many problems with relationships of that kind.

i do not think this is a solid question,not all wives cheat,just like not all soldiers cheat while over sea,s...

Not all wives do. There had to have been problems before the soldier left to make her do that.

Because it's safer for everyone to do it when he's out of town.

Social Science Lady
I think you are a fifth columnist. Reading your statement is going to cheer up a lot of army husbands.....I DONT THINK.

They get board.

Angel of Man
Why do chicken head Boy-friends break up with there girl-friends before they(the female soldier) are deployed overseas?

WHOA! are you generalizing or what? No, not every wife cheats nor does every soldier's wife cheat for that matter. it makes me upset and sad at the same time when I see questions like this because it obviously happens or it would not be asked. I am sure there is infidelity on both sides. It is not just the wife cheating. The husband is also doing it, trust me. I guess the separation takes its toll on the marriage and it is truly sad. The armed forces is not for everyone. It takes commitment on both sides.

because they are bored and want to do some things fun i guess

Joe B
They need some lovin.

how to u know

Up your Maslow
It's easier that way

zhit happens

My answer to you is dont get married while you in the forces.

Oh you already are....................To the service.

Why would you even ask this? Its no different than any other married couples.

Do Yahoo a favor and report this guy.

Butchy boy
Because they're lonely I'd say.

I have been with my husband since I was 17. Been married for 20 years. I love my husband with all my heart. And at the same time, I hate him. We have a bad marraige, and unhappy and unhealthy one. He hasn't touched me in 15 years. And though I feel guilty for having an affair with some one that I have know for years. I also needed to be touched, feel loved even for one moment. And at the same time, I feel guilt and crappy for what I did... So if you are thinking of cheating. I suggest you don't. It may be ok while in the process. And in the end, you feel guilty and like crap about yourself. No one can hate themselves more then me for cheating on my husband.

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