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Why do we say the army is fighting for our freedom?
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Why do we say the army is fighting for our freedom?

we were free befor 9/11 we were free after 9/11 yes there is still terioust out there that need to be delt with and as far as iraq goes sadam is caught the boys are over there doing "there job"at there next duty station fighting for there lives and protecting themselfs


joey l
I am in Iraq right now, most of the Commanders will not let their Soldiers leave the Bases due to the fact if they lose any it will slow their promotions. Even if we get Mortar fired on us we will not fire back because of politics. We can not create Collateral Damage. We must win the Hearts and Minds of the Iraqis. Hell we have to shoot 4 shots befor we can engage an enemy that is shooting at us. So you tell me what you think.

El Pistolero Negra
If it is not obvious to you as it is to most, then you need a basic course in military history.

I should also answer by saying, you must identify the enemy based on their words and actions. You must strike the enemy before they have a chance to organize and attack you. Freedom is acquired and maintained by following these 2 simple steps.

very true lets not forget the family of the boys os its not easy being a military wife

Army is on the forefront of the country's defense by even fighting in foregin lands to have a peaceful home country.

Gregg J
You consider yourself "free" when Fanatics waltz into your country, hijack airplanes and cause such a monumental disaster as 9/11? The same people who want to take over our country and impose their ideas of religious fanaticism on us? That's free? THAT'S what we're fighting to avoid, Sherlock.

The U.S.military isn't truly just for freedom. When the politicos say, we are protecting our interests overseas, they are usually referring to ECONOMIC INTERESTS of the U.S. primarily.


Come on! Be patriotic! Support our Troops!

Because if we don't fight the terriest on their land and kill them before they kill us, they will be over here trying to take over our country. If they would win a war on our land we would no longer be free. We would have to either conform to their beliefs or be killed. That's what is meant by fighting for freedom. We fight them now instead of later.

Because if it's not for our military, our country would be taken over. We're free because they're there to keep us protected from terrorists or anyone else who wants to come into the US and take it over or make it theirs. Are you going to protect yourself?? Are you going to ensure the rights and freedoms of your family and friends?? That's what the military does. Each day the war in Iraq and against terrorism goes on is another day we're safe. Since we've gone to war, there haven't been any more attacks on American soil. Just remember you were and are free because of the military. If you don't think so, step up and take the oath and see what their life is like. And yes, it's a job....a job they chose to do. It's still a respected job that keeps America safe and secure.

its our duty to fight for our freedom

I have no idea. There's always been terrorists out there. This war is doing nothing but killing alot of OUR people. What kind of freedom is that if they are just going to war to die??

by using noble concepts like "freedom" and "justice" instead of the truth "oil" and "influence", politicians ensure support for wars from those not prepared to look a little deeper and those who are just plain ignorant.

because if we lose this war we wont be free you dumba.ss.

you cant spell, you obviously dont do any research, and you didnt even make a valid point.

go post somewhere else.. you annoy me.

The US Army is not fighting for your freedom. The US Govt says it is, but that's all part of the propaganda war to ensure that US citizens continue supporting this illegitimate occupation of Iraq. The latter did not actually harbour any so-called 'terrorists' or have an arsenal of WMD's capable of endangering the US at all. Iraqi civilian death toll is around 3,500/month, so I doubt that they will feel that they are more free now than under Saddam.

This Iraq war is staged propaganda meant to destroy that country in order to build permanent military bases and take the oil. 9/11 was an inside job created to bring us into war and to push us into giving up our liberties and rights. 9/11 = passage of (un)Patriot Act which takes away many rights (oh, but I thought the "terrorists" wanted to take away our rights; so why are you doing it Mr. President?)

Get beyond Bush for a second as you are reading this. Just think about the last 5 years. We were told that Iraq had helped in the attacks and that Iraq had WMDs. Both were lies. Later, the govt admitted that Saddam had NO ties to al-CIA-da (al qaeda). Now Iraq isn't good enough, they want to invade Iran and Syria next. Oh goodie. Get ready for $6/gal gas.

It is a scary situation when you have the president telling Congress what kind of bills he wants to pass and telling them to pass the Patriot Act at 5:00 in the morning when no one was allowed to read it. (Ask Congressman Ron Paul from Texas, he'll tell you)

Look, I think our men and women in uniform should be fighting for just causes. As for Iraq, I'd rather have them back home with their families, not being exposed to depleted uranium and toxic chemicals. Our government has a very dismal track record in taking care of its soldiers and first responders. I just hope more people realize this and demand changes for the better.

When you get older, you will understand.
You're a little young yet.

Non-Compassionate Liberal
Some of us are deluded.

Keeping the potential enemy engaged otherwise !

they need an excuse for it thats why

athene noctua
Because "fighting for freedom" sounds better.
"Fighting for oil and contracts for our big business" just does not quite have the same ring to it, does it?
This war was unjust from the beginning, but slowly more people seem to become aware that they are being conned.
You kind of come across as a young person, if you are I'm impressed, if not, good on you anyway.

free.. to be told what to do.

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