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Why does being colorblind disqualify you from military service?
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Why does being colorblind disqualify you from military service?


You can serve, but the jobs are more limited.

It doesn't. Who told you that?

My dad was severely colorblind. He served 26 years in the Air Force. He made CMSgt, His career field was Finance, which did not and does not require color vision.

There are more career fields that do not require color vision than ones that do.

Give me a thumbs down if you want to, but its true.

It doesn't. (typically) It will limit your job (MOS) choices. Somethings you just need to see colors for.

Moderation in almost all things2
The career one chooses has requirements - some are strict. Explosives Ordnance Demolition EOD/Seals, all electronic careers (Radiomen, Navigation ET, etc.).

Welders and other careers are less strict.

Check with the recruiter of the branch you are interested in - they should have correct knowledge on this. Asked every question and take notes. All the branches have something to offer - but making a good fit means asking questions.

it doesn't..just certain jobs like electronics and EOD( not being able to tell the red wire from the green wire would be..bad...

Cane Corso Mom
No just from certain jobs!

because there will be times you need to be able to see colour. eg, press the red button or the green button. Different colours do different things, mean different ranks, mean stop or go. Heaps of reasons.

wow that's not the best question but in certain military scenarios were u need color sight

Its not that way in every branch, just air force

Stephen Reed
My son has always had a goal to become a special ops. member in the military. Last year he aced all of the physical test and other test but failed the test for color blindness. For whatever the reasoning, they decided to insist that he would be of no use to their purpose. Is this true? I find it hard to believe that someone with such a great passion for serving his country can be denied an opportunity to serve. He has a four year college degree and would love to join as an officer. Is this possible? Please let me know how he may be able to accomplish his dream so I can inform him that all hope is not lost. The U.S military would be silly to ignore such a personality and a person with such a passion to serve. Please let me know who he can contact and if it is possible to enter a division as an officer. Thank you.

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