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Why is the United States the only country that has military bases in other countries.?
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Why is the United States the only country that has military bases in other countries.?

What if china wanted a military base in florida?....Something tells me that wouldn't fly over very well.
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Ok I can understand why they may have bases in countries that we defeated in ww2 but come on it's 2007. Do we need them there any more


We are not...The British, at least, have bases all over the world, why not do a little research? It helps our global positioning and ensures our safety as well as the saftey of many throughout the world...

Well, because it's not true. Britain has at least one base in Gremany and have a presence in Malaysia, Northern Ireland, Cyprus, Gibraltar. France has bases all over Africa, and at one time the Soviet Red Army had bases all over the Communist Bloc...

Tincan Navy
The US in not the only country that hs bases in other countries. England has bases all over. Like Diego Garcia, Singapore, Faulklands, Several bases in Scotland, Cyprus, Qatar,Germany, Gibralter,India, Hong Kong, etc.
Russia has bases in at least 6 other counries.

The only country that has bases in other nations? <Blink, blink> Did I read that correctly?

Where are you getting your misinformation from? The US is NOT the only nation with military bases elsewhere.

What about:
The United Kingdom (In Germany, Indonesia, and Iraq)
Russia (all over the former Soviet Union)
Cuba (all over Africa, the Caribbean, and South America)
China (in Tibet and Mongolia)
France (all over Africa)

british gurly
England has Bases all over the world too such as Germany etc the Navy also have one in Washington. Its just that the Americans are on a much larger scale than the rest of the military!!

The reason they still have bases there in 2007 is the same reason as they had bases in ww2 you just never know what stunt they are going to pull!! I grew up right next door to a US airforce base in England. They will contiune to have these bases around europe many have closed etc but they are currently building new bases in other parts of europe god help the men/women that get stationed there i have been there and believe me its grim!!

Without our help the world would fall to pieces.

~~∞§arah T∞©~~
It isn't the only country.

i.e. Germany has one in Texas.

And to whoever said the U.S. doesn't, that they are UN posts run by U.S., that is not correct at all.

Other countries do have bases in foreign nations, its not just the US.

Britian, Germany, France, Russia all have bases in foreign nations.

If there was a purpose for a foreign nation to have a base in the US, then they probally would get permission.

But I cannot really think of a purpose for any nation to have a base inside America.

Melissa A
The United States is the most powerful military in the world, in order to keep it that way, we need to be all over the world.

Those aren't U.S. military bases, those are U.N. military bases (run by the U.S.). Besides, Britian has troops in Germany. Other nationalities are in South Korea, just not in the numbers that the U.S. has. France has troops in Africa (again under the auspices of the U.N.)

Those bases and troops are there at the request of the host nation. If they didn't want us there, we wouldn't be there.

We established many of the bases you refer to after WWII and Korea. They were kept because they allowed us to station troops closer to where the fight may break out. The bases in Europe are mostly NATO bases now with a heavy international presence. We are there to defend our allies.

Now here is a question for you? Where would you rather go to war if you had to? In our backyard or some one else's?

Because the US is imperialistic,and what's more has always been that way since its founding!

Lenny A
You have a few Airforce bases in Australia, and as Australia has the worlds largest unmined deposits of yellow cake & uranium, there were always discussions about further bases. Makes sense let them have bases in the interrior, it's a hostile barren place at best ! Where no one really wants to be, they could even have subsidised Uranium if it gets through Parliament, some how i doubt this though !

Global Domination

We need to pull out all of our bases. Keep ties with Isreal.

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